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I Want to Hear From You

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
I Want to Hear From You

This is an unprecedented time we are living in right now, and every day I am rethinking how to address it here on Wardrobe Oxygen. It makes the most sense to ask you. How are you doing? What is your life looking like right now? And what do you want to see here on the blog?

I plan to continue Weekend Reads, but this past Saturday I extended it to include charities and more forms of entertainment (music, podcasts, books, movies, TV). Do you like that? Do you want to see more?

I also included sale alerts but didn't want to go overboard. Would you like a separate Sale Alert post so those who wish to shop will have more curated picks from me and those who don't want it can move on? If you do want it, what day would you like that to be on?

For outfit posts, do you still want them? What do you think of my Monday recaps? Do you want to see a mix of "fun" fashion along with everyday self-isolation and work from home style?

For advice posts, what would you like to see? Do you want capsule wardrobes, and if so what kinds? Are you looking for fitness gear? Summer fashion, and if so casual or for when we no longer are staying home? I know many weddings are being postponed; I usually offer wedding guest and parent fashion at this time, do you still want to see it, and if so do you want it more fluid so it can work for late summer or fall weddings?

Do you want more lifestyle content? For example, working out at home, ways I keep calm when things are stressful, book lists or playlists from Spotify, home tours, reviews of bedding or home products?

As for beauty, do you want that right now? I know a lot of bloggers are focusing on skincare, do you want that from me or are you OH-VAH it? Do you want content on other aspects of beauty like body care, hand care, hair maintenance between salon visits, and such?

I want you to feel you can be completely honest and downright blunt with me, so feel free to leave anonymous comments. While my comment field asks for a name and email, you can put in anything there, even a fake email address. Wardrobe Oxygen is nothing without you, and I want to be a benefit, not a frustration or annoyance at this time. I am expecting a mix of responses, and I know what you may want now will change in a few weeks so I'll be checking in again then to see how you all are doing. Always, even if it's not on this post, let me know how you are doing, how you're feeling, and what you'd like to see here. I really appreciate you, your support, and want to give back to you and support you as well.


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