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I Vote for More War Crimes! (Snark - Kinda)

Posted on the 25 July 2014 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Israeli soldier girls1The real problem is that Israel has not committed nearly as many war crimes as it is entitled to!
I think Israel needs to commit more war crimes.  It is not as if we did not see this coming, what?, a year ago, at least? Of course, Israel committed war crimes.  That's what Jews do.  We love to kill perfectly innocent, bunny-like Arabs and eat them for lunch.
This is because we are evil.
Look, I am going to come clean, guys.  The Jews are evil and we revel in blood-letting, just like so many Arabs and so many western-progressives tell us that we do.  I think that at this point we might as well just embrace the identity of vicious thugs and murderers... or, even a transcendent form of evil... which could represent terrific metaphysical fun!  They are going to consider us vicious thugs and murderers, anyway, for daring to actually strike back against thousands of Kassams and Katyushas thrown at Israel from Gaza ever since 2005, so we might as well roll with it.
Besides, who wants a weak and compliant ghetto Jew reputation?  The Israelis intentionally left that behind in 1948.  While much of the rest of the world - such as the useful idiots on Daily Kos - prefer their Jews weak, timid, ashamed, and guilt-ridden, I prefer my Jews strong, bold, unashamed and ready to fight back when necessary.
It has been thirteen or fourteen years of more or less continuous rocket fire into the south of Israel and, believe me, your friends on the left could hardly care less.  They don't care.  If they care'd at some point a few of them might have looked up from Al Jazeera or the Huffington Post to suggest that maybe trying to kill random Jews is not such a good thing.
Of course, they never did say that.  They were silent as Jewish families lives were being ruined, their small town economies being wrecked, and their children actually being raised with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but at no point did the non-Jewish left object.  They simply do not care about Muslim on Jewish violence, because they honestly think that we deserve whatever beating we get.  They only care about Jewish on Muslim violence.
It is a matter of traditional values, really.  Arabs, and those of European descent, are, as a group, not the least bit comfortable with the idea of Jews fighting back.  This much is obvious.  It is not as if they have any humanitarian principles - and that goes four-fold for the Arabs - because if they did they might have shown some concern for 5.5 million dead Congolese over the ten years, or thereabouts, but they did not.
They don't much care about the hundreds of thousands dead in Syria.  The don't much care about Sudanese genocide.  Nor do they care about the Chinese in Tibet, nor the local Arabs who have been locked up in camps in Syria and Lebanon and G-d only knows where.
What they care about is Jewish self-defense, which is simply considered unacceptable because it flies in the face of time-honored tradition.  What they don't like are Israeli Jews, in particular, because it is the IDF that allows Jewish people throughout the world a measure of freedom to resist their persecutors and a place to escape to when those persecutors get out of hand, which history has shown repeatedly that they have a tendency to do.
hamas1So, yes, we need more war crimes.  We need as many war crimes as it takes to free the people of Gaza from this murderous regime that sticks babies in front of bombs so that if Israel dares to strike those bombs the western-left can drag out the blood libel and tell the world that Jews "Zionists" are baby killers.
Look, we've been through this before many times.
No matter what we do they will think that we are evil.  If Israel is the first country on the ground after the Haitian earthquake even westerners will tell one another that it's a whitewash and that all we want is to deflect from Jewish immorality toward the "indigenous" population in the Land of Israel.  Either that or Swedish newspapers will tell the world that Jews are murdering Arabs to harvest their organs and people will discuss among themselves whether or not that was what Israel was doing in Haiti.
I say that world opinion can go fuck itself, to be frank.
Israel needs to eliminate Hamas and I do not care how much people scream War Crimes!  War Crimes!  War Crimes!
Again, round up the leadership and put them on trial for incitement to genocide after declaring Hamas an illegal organization and eliminating its ability to function.
If the people of Gaza do not want this kind of misery then I very much recommend that next time that they go to the polls - if there ever is a next time - that they might ponder the notion of a liberal democratic form of government that is more interested in creating jobs than in killing Jews.

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