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‘I’ve Got a Headache’- Sex Just Twice a Week While in a Relationship

Posted on the 20 September 2012 by 72point @72hub

We has sex just twice a week – and usually on a Saturday, a study has revealed. Researchers found our busy modern lives leave us with little time or energy to indulge in more regular love-making sessions.

Those who do have sex regularly usually do so on a Saturday night, while Friday night is the second most popular time for love.

The study also revealed more than one in ten of us enjoy a romp first thing in the morning, while six out of ten make love in the middle of the night.

Additionally, a surprising three quarters of the population still only enjoy sex in the missionary position, while the average length of foreplay sits at an unromantic ten minutes.

We are becoming far more adventurous when it comes to the location, with the sofa, kitchen table, shower and even the stairs all popular places.

Amazingly, one in three people have had sex in their garden, while a similar number have made love on a beach.

Sylvia Day, author of Penguin’s international blockbuster erotic novel Bared to You, said:

”We all lead very busy lives so it’s understandable that sex lives can suffer.

”After a long day in the office followed by a stressful commute you can understand how sex may be the last thing on peoples mind – but reading erotic books seems to have jumpstarted the sex lives of some couple and helped to get the reader in the mood.

”Twice a week seems to be the average number of times a couple gets to have some bedroom action, but there are couples that have sex a lot more than this.

”Every couple is different though and what works for one may not suit another.

”But despite many sticking to the missionary position, we seem to like the thrill of having sex in adventurous places.”

The study examined every aspect of our sex lives from masturbation to positions and fantasies.

It found that men masturbate more frequently than women, three times a week, compared to 1.4 times a week for the typical woman.

Bizarrely, one in five people think of a celebrity whilst carrying out the act.

‘I’m too tired’ emerged as the most popular excuse for not having sex , while ‘I’m not in the mood’ was second.

‘I’ve got a headache’ was third while ‘I’ve got to get up early in the morning’ was fourth.

The study also revealed most people are ‘satisfied’ with the current state of their sex lives, rating it a three out of five.

A surprisingly high number of us regularly instigate role play in the bedroom, while close to one in five couples use sex toys to spice things up.

Around one in seven watch porn to get them in the mood, while one in five women wear sexy lingerie.

Threesomes and sex in a public place were men’s most common fantasies while using sex toys came top for women.

After missionary, ‘doggie-style’ and ‘cowgirl’ are the most common positions, but most couples only try around two positions during each sex session, the report found.

Among the more interesting facts was that 5% of people have had sex in a shop fitting room, while nine per cent claim to have sex in a swimming pool.

6% revealed they have enjoyed a sneaky romp in a cinema, while 8% have had intercourse on a train.

More than one in ten have had a threesome, while 5%  have had sex with more than two people at once.


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