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I've Been Tumblr-ized.

By Gibbs22manila @gibbscadiz
I've been Tumblr-ized.
More social media whoring for me: I've just signed up at Tumblr. My site is here. Many friends have insisted that it's a better, more sophisticated blogging platform social media-wise--that is, in terms of the basics such as liking, sharing, forwarding, retweeting, reblogging and the like, compared to the lumbering capabilities of the now seemingly un-hip Blogger platform I'm in. Truth to tell, I'm only going to use my Tumblr as a back-up site for my blog entries here, the way I've been using my Multiply page. Multiply has become practically a ghost town, with only a handful of stragglers occasionally finding their way to my corner these days in lieu of the vibrant community it had earlier developed separate from this blog. The only ones stubbornly clinging to Multiply, I heard, are entrepreneurs who've converted it into an online market and shopping site. Not having had a back-up site for my blog entries all these years, I made do with Multiply. But now Tumblr will be a second alternative, and perhaps more, since it seems to be the hotspot of the moment among many online denizens. Let's see how far this one goes... Are you on Tumblr? Add me up!

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