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I Think Goddess Durga is Trying to Tell Me Something…

By Englishwifeindianlife
I think Goddess Durga is trying to tell me something…

Yesterday, my husband and I went to pray at our favourite Goddess Durga mandir (temple). This temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Nagpur, we both love it there. After we have prayed, we usually receive a small hand full of a sweet which has been blessed by the Goddess as we leave, this is called prasad. Prasad is something, usually food, which has been offered to the God or Goddess of the temple and then given to the worshippers as a gift.

I've been to this temple hundreds of times, and last night something new happened. I was given some extra prasad in the form of four green glass bangles and a small garland of flowers to tie in my hair. A sweet woman gave them to me with a smile and said, " prasad". This made me smile so much and really surprised me because only twenty-four hours earlier, I had been writing a post on this blog about how I sometimes forget to wear important Hindu marital symbols such as bangles and now Goddess Durga had given me some. I think Goddess Durga was trying to tell me something...

My grandmother-in-law will be very pleased to know that from now on I will make an extra effort to wear bangles, that little gesture was really special. I feel extremely honoured to have received bangles which been blessed by Goddess Durga, little 'coincidences' like these add some sweetness to life.

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