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I Spend Over 2 Hours a Day Answering Offers From China

Posted on the 27 October 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

You may have noticed I’m not blogging as much.


Its time to make money guys.

As we all know buyers from China have been moving the domain name market for a few years, but we are now in uncharted waters.

China now is making the market.

US buyers are now interested in buying only the domain names the buyers in China want.

I have 100+ domains, about 30+ domain, 7 domains and lots of domains that I registered back in the day when Marchex was buying them as area codes.

We are at also brokering corporate owned 2, 3 and 4 letter .com’s and of course have close contact to some of the “big” domainers who I chat with, one way or another every day, including the weekend

I can only equate this market to the NASDAQ, back in the day, when stocks like Yahoo and CMGI were going up $20-$30 points a day, everyday.

In a week my high offer on has gone up over $100K, by multiple bidders to $537,000, but I have another bidder at $530K and another at $500K, needless to say no reason to sell for anything significantly more.

I’m now spending around 2 hours a day answering emails from buyers from China that don’t wind up in my spam filter.

The market is on fire. sold over the weekend at a Godaddy auction for $20K

I turned down an offer of $22K on this weekend sold last week on for $41K. sold for over $44k. (yes the dreaded 4) sold for $142K on Namejet sold for $26,055.00 on Snapnames last week.

Jr.Net sold last week on for $55k, in January the highest bid we got for arguable a better two letter .net; was $14,500.

Remember that was in the ROTD NamesCon auction in January?, there were a couple of bidders but did not sell.

I would say that domain has tripled in value in 9 months.

If you look at the new gTLD’s .xyz, .top, .wang, .kim, .Win just to name a few have millions registrations from China

It sure looks like a bubble, but I don’t think so since there are fundamentals to support the prices.

China has been lowering interest rates the government has devalued the currency and Gold which used to be the flight to safety has had several horrible years and shows no sign of life.

Plus gold is heavy.

Heavy to carry and subject to custom inspections

If you have a lot of gold and want to get on a plane and go somewhere it’s a problem.

So we have domain names which are traded in USD, are portable throughout the world, with no customs inspections, and no cash declarations.

There are more deals in the works that we hope to announce soon.

Until then if you own any and are not tuned in directly with buyers in China hire a broker and do NOT sell cheap.

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