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I Ride My Bike To Work to Save Everything, How About You?

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal
Kalongkong Hiker - WWF TransportPoster grabbed from WWF Philippines FB Page.

If you’re going to ask me I’ve been riding my bike day and night, rain or shine and through the storm to finish college and then when I get a I.T. job here in Metro Manila I wanted to do the same so I’m get back to riding my bike this time going to work for almost 1 year and 8 months already when I assembled a hybrid commuter bike that can go anywhere, through the trails, river crossings, century ride that can match the speed of road bikes and of course to roam different cities and my longest ever ride is the epic Manila to Baguio City ride.

So, which transport choice suits you best? Me, I ride my bike to save everything, yes, everything it is my brother/sister, money, time, Mother Earth and what else healthy lifestyle because it gives a natural release of dopamine in your brain that makes us happy and fight fatigue easily.

Paolo Mercado (16)
Whenever you can, consider your options and choose the most environmentally friendly form of transport. Visit for more tips on changing how we live, for a healthier planet.

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