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I Quite: The One Reason Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

I’m still wondering why bloggers quit their blogs or why most bloggers abandon their blogs. Well, do you know why? I don’t really know but what I do know is – motivation is the only thing that can make any man move further than he should. Once you’re not motivated, you will definitely stop trying one day (fact).


Before I move further, I’d like to ask you one simple question – why are you blogging? Or should I say; why do you blog? You can make up many reasons why you blog but if you truly don’t know your main purpose, pretty soon you’ll drop out of blogging.

Have I gotten your attention or should I continue explaining?

Blogging: To Be Or Not To Be

While most bloggers will give you their many reasons for quitting their blogs, I’ll tell you that all the reasons they’ll give will only end up to just one main reason. And do you know what that “one” main reason is? Well let’s continue, and I’ll tell you along the way.

If a blogger has not made a penny from blogging over 8 months and he/ she still has the courage to move on despite all odds. To my view, that is called motivation

.  Or what other words can you use to describe such strength?

Now let me list down my one main reason why bloggers quite blogging…

The one reason Number One: # Money:

I had a friend who joined the blogging world sometime back. The only reason he joined blogging was to make money from it (well, that’s why most bloggers joined blogging) but after some months, he discovered that blogging is not where you make easy money from and he gave up his blog and move on to other job opportunities


Assuming he had the will to move further despite all odds, he attended some online courses, learned from top bloggers, he would have indeed make money blogging, right?

So my point is; if you joined blogging with the sole aim of making money online and you don’t know the right directions to take, you will end up failing. And remember that nothing is worse than a quitter…

Tips to keep you in the game:

If you create your blog because you want to make money from it, you can but…

- You must learn how to actually make money from your blog

- Do some tight research

- Attend some nice but effective courses from well known bloggers that are actually making money online

- You must also have the willingness to learn

Doing all this and more will definitely help you in your making money online blogging. But if you can’t perform the taxes and expect to just make money from your blog the first month you created it, Ahhhh… I rest my case


The one reason Number Two: Positive Result:

This is one of the main reason people quite their blogs today and I know you will agree with me.

Imagine you have been blogging for like 1yr + and you’re not seeing any sign of positivity like, traffic spike, blog engagement, a dollar, wouldn’t you feel like quitting? Well, we all know why people are not getting that positive result after many months or years in the blogging world. But in case you don’t know, let me point out why you’re not getting that positive result…

- Not consistent

- Too lazy to carry out what you learn

- You don’t socialize with other bloggers

- You give up too easily

- Not in the right Niche

- You’re just not trying

- Can you give other reasons


Tips to keep you in the game:

Can you mention any blogger making money online that you know whose not hard working? There is none right? You must be focus and willing to carry out what you learn and not just read a blogger’s post and dropping a thank you comment. Blogging is for the smart and hardworking people that are willing learn even more…

My advice to you is – work smart with a pinch of hard work


Motivation is that one reason:

Looking at the two reasons I gave – motivation plays the major role, right? So if you are not motivated, you can’t keep up with the blogging world. Let me tell you a short story about myself that might motivate you…

The starting of my blogging carrier was very cold and bitter. I started my blogging carrier with no money on me, nobody to cheer me up, nobody to guide me through difficult blogging moments and I really did not have any blogging friends coming up, except me and my self motivated spirit. The only things that push me through those hard times, was the joy I had helping others, my passion, my willingness to learn and the art of never giving up. And believe me, all work out fine at the end


Take Home:

Note: I am writing this post today to help many bloggers who’s having the intention of giving up, to stay focus


My advice to you is – if you don’t have any blogging buddy to motivate you, motivate yourself. Get the spirit of always learning, develop the passion towards blogging and try to make other top bloggers recognize you and your works.

Help Me

Do you have any other reasons for someone to quite blogging? And do you have a little solution to it? Then please use the comment box below to drop them. Remember that we are helping the needy bloggers here…

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then use the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated


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