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I Only Killed Him Once by @ghostfinder

By Pamelascott

A blend of science fiction and stylish mystery noir featuring a robot detective: the newest stand-alone instalment in the Ray Electromatic mystery series

Another Hollywood night, another job for electric-detective-turned-robotic-hitman Raymond Electromatic. The target is a tall man in a black hat, and while Ray completes his mission successfully, he makes a startling discovery-one he soon forgets when his twenty-four-hour memory tape loops to the end and is replaced with a fresh reel.

When a tall man in a black hat arrives in the offices of the Electromatic Detective Agency the next day, Ray has a suspicion he has met this stranger before, although Ray's computerized boss, Ada, is not saying a thing. But their visitor isn't here to hire Ray for a job-he's here to deliver a stark warning.

Because time is running out for Ray and if they want to survive, they need to do exactly what the man in the black hat says.

A man that RaymondElectromatic has already killed.


[They say you should never start with the weather,but look. it was a dark and stormy night and I don't care who knows it]

(Titan Books, 10 July 2018, ebook, 215 pages,copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)


This is my first time reading the author. I haven'tread the other two books in the series. The blurb sounded interesting and Iwasn't disappointed. I loved the concept of the book and thought it was veryoriginal. I loved the character of Ray. He's a robot who runs on RAM and everyday he starts with the same template as before so he remembers nothing of theprevious day and is unaware the same mysteries keep coming up again and again.This was also quite sad at times. You know an author has written good stuffwhen you feel sympathy for a robot. I enjoy Noir fiction and this was very welldone. I definitely want to read the other books in the series.

Only Killed Once @ghostfinder

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