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I Need You.. to Help Me Help Others..

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
(this post will be a sticky post for as long as I leave it here.. keep scrolling down for new posts)
Have I ever said, written, or done anything that made you just wish you could push me out of an airplane?
Now is your chance.
Sort of.
You can kill two birds with one stone - do a great mitzva, while vicariously pushing me out of an airplane.
Make a donation in my name to Alyn Hospital, a pediatric hospital for disabled children, the only one of its kind in all of Israel, and that will allow someone to push me out of an airplane.
The Sky is the Limit with Alyn will have me skydiving on Pesach to benefit the children of Alyn Hospital. I should be getting a video recording of the event, so you will be able to enjoy my getting pushed out of an airplane, because of your donations, from the comfort of your own home.
I need you.. to help me help others..
It might be crazy, it might be safe. They say it is safe. We'll find out soon enough.
So, donate to Alyn in my name. It is a simple process. And it is a great mitzva.
I figure that with the 2000-3000 readers Google statistics say read my blog daily, if most people just gave a small amount, just a few shekels or dollars, I should surpass by far the minimum fundraising level in no time at all!
Isn't this far more interesting and exciting than asking you to sponsor me in running a marathon, like so many other people do?
So, please donate to Alyn. Give a small amount of tzedaka to Alyn so that I can get pushed out of an airplane...
Just go to my Alyn funding page and click the donate button...
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