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I Might Not Be Cheap, But I’m Easy…or Mitt Romney Thinks My Vote Could’ve Been Bought

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Eastofmidnight

The L.A. Times reports on a conference call that Mitt Romney had with top donors this afternoon. According to the article, Mr. Romney said that the reason that President Obama won is because the administration had given “gifts” to African Americans, Latinos, and young voters.

Well…I’m still waiting for my gift. And since Mr. Romney thinks that minority voters and youth voters can be bought, why didn’t he come up with a better pay-out? I might not be cheap, but I am easy. All I want is Shaquille O’Neal and an apartment on the Upper West Side. And I’m sure all the other minorities who are waiting for their gifts don’t have long lists either.

I get that losing is painful. Really, I get that. But to blame it on blacks, or Latinos, or young people who have somehow been “bought off” is non-sense. To say that the only reason that minority voters or young voters voted for President Obama is because they could be bought off is an insult. Insulting entire groups of people by saying that they are so weak and needy they could be bought off to vote a particular way is not going to endear the party that says those things to the electorate.

I have a price. Everybody has a price (even if few want to admit it). For most of us, our price has little to do with how we vote.

Somebody needs to tell Mitt Romney that.

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