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I May Accept That "Assault Rifles"are Necessary, but

Posted on the 07 June 2020 by Doggone
don't think that has totally changed my opinion on firearms regulation.
if anything I still believe that there should be strict laws to prevent these weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Do you really want Antifa or the Black Lives matters crew to have their hands on guns?
On the other hand, the moment that shit like "violence is justified" and "defund the police" get mentioned then it's time that people are allowed to defend themselves.
And the assault rifle has been proven in the battlefield, the music concert, the school house, the night club, etc.
Let the "gun violence prevention advocates" ponder that one as people stock up on firearms. I know that the minimum bad effect of all this is that guns will be a worse problem than before. The GVP crowd should have been calling to stop the violence instead of condoning it.

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