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I Made It. Thank Heavens It's Boxing Day.

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
Anyone else feeling this way today - or yesterday?  I was.  This year all I could think was "I just need to make it until Christmas"!
That sounds negative, I know.  It's just that Christmas is a month's worth of organization, planning, preparation, shopping the deals, orchestrating, 'sneaking', sorting, socializing, cooking and more.  We didn't even go overboard with gifts in our family.  Hubby and I didn't exchange, and the girls received a couple of key things they had their hearts set on, plus their stockings.  But it's more than the actual gifts.  It's the entire Christmas planning, coordination, and execution!  And, let's face it, for most families, the women make Christmas happen.  My mom always says: "I don't know why Santa is a man, we all know who pulls off Christmas - the women".  Damn straight, mom!
I Made It.  Thank heavens it's Boxing Day.Yet I love the family togetherness, the food that we share, the laughs, and the excitement that the children feel at Christmas.  But, last night I had a good cry.  I think I was letting go of the stress of these last few months - of listing and showing our house, working on and editing my book - squeeze in Halloween, birthdays, and oh yes... Christmas.
I had a phone message from my girlfriend yesterday that went something like this "I'm SO done.  I didn't get to bed until 1am, and then the kids woke up at 4:40.  I haven't started cooking yet and my house is a mess.  I know you're supposed to feel the joy today, but I'm done."  Gosh I love her honesty.  I laughed.  Not at her, but with her.  Because she is mom that will tell it like it is. Christmas is a ton of work, and every year I love the feeling of Boxing Day, when I can sit back and relax a little. (And, I hope you are doing just that today, Tanya.)
Yet with all that work and stress, we did have a beautiful day yesterday with our family in our new home.  And, we shared some great times with my sister and her family and it warmed my heart to see our children laughing with heart.  To see their joy playing at my sister's yesterday was gold.
Best of all, when I asked our eldest last night what her best part of Christmas has been so far she said "seeing Nanny on Skype".  ♥  We talk weekly with my husband's parents on Skype, but this Christmas was the first time she got to reconnect with my mom in Newfoundland.
So, I guess through all the hard work and my sobbing last night, the meaning of Christmas was there for our children.  I'm going to hold on to that thought for next year.
Ladies, grab your teas and chocolate and enjoy Boxing Day.  We've got, oh a good 10 months or so before it ramps up again.  ;)

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