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I Made Big Pants!

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
Have you ever made your own knickers?
It's dead easy.
I Made Big Pants! Lily (thinks): Smug git.
I Made Big Pants! I made a pattern by tracing the front and back sections of a favorite pair of knickers ... in this case, a pair of wonderfully huge granny pants.
I cut the fabric on the fold.
Don't worry about seam allowances, it's a minute measurement and if you choose a fabric with loads of stretch, they'll still fit.
I Made Big Pants! I bought a large remnant of gaudy green ocelot-print lycra from Aid for the Blind for a buck.
The gusset was cut from one of #3 Son's old t-shirts.
Ignore the patterned crotch piece.
I didn't need it after all because the original pants only had a gusset inside and I wanted to copy them exactly.
I Made Big Pants! Sew the front and back together at the crotch using zig zag stitch. I Made Big Pants! Pin the gusset in place and zig zag only down the sides.
I Made Big Pants! This is what the pants looked like before I stitched the side seams and added the elastic.
By this time I was getting so incredibly excited at my stupendous big pants-making abilities, I forgot to take pics.
I Made Big Pants! Stitch the side seams.
Make a little fold over the waist and zig zag lingerie elastic on the inside.
Do the same with the legs.
I Made Big Pants! Rock those big pants HARD!! Of course I simply had to wear them on the outside coz ... just coz. I Made Big Pants!
I Made Big Pants!
I Made Big Pants!
I Made Big Pants! Wig-hair boa, Manic Panic Limelight eyeshadow, Fierce eye lashes and Vampire's Kiss lippie - gifts from beautiful Suzanne Sic F*cks band t-shirt - gift from Tish and Snooky (that's their band!) Leggings - Black Milk Doc Marten boots - retail I Made Big Pants! The black lingerie elastic I used wasn't very good quality.
It had very little stretch and was scratchy.
So today I replaced it with this fantastic red, stretch, lace lingerie elastic I found in a local haberdashery.
Now my big pants are far more comfy and easier to get over my ba-donka-donk-donk.
I Made Big Pants! More big pants!
I made these fab flares this afternoon using the wonderful 1970s pattern dear Tamera sent me.
The pants only took two hours to make and I wore them all afternoon.
The fabric is a lovely soft cotton sheet I bought from Vinnies for a couple of bucks, the zip was 50 cents, also from Vinnies and the button was from my stash.
I Made Big Pants!
I Made Big Pants! Gold spike necklace - gift from my dear friend Pip, who seriously needs to start a blog! Trollz earrings - gift from lovely Tamera Purple mesh top - retail sale 1930s white satin bralet - Etsy Shoes - Dolls Kill sale Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement about my health, the worst is certainly not over yet and it will take a few weeks to settle, but your love is like a big hug. Baci, Desiree xoxo

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