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"...I’m Tired of the Wasted Debates..."

Posted on the 11 August 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Stacy Trasancos has put up a beautiful piece chronicling her evolving views on gay marriage and where it is she now stands on the issue.  I'll excerpt only where she is today but believe firmly you'll benefit by reading her entire post:

It’s not that I’m tired of defending marriage because I will defend that with my vote, my voice, and my LetItBechoices for the rest of my life. It’s that I’m tired of the wasted debates, tired of the anxiety. Our society is turning away from God, and I sense that it is time to withdraw from arguments with people who aren’t really interested in what I have to say anyway, so much as they are interested in snarking me. Who needs snark? Besides, anyone who calls me a bigot just because I love my God, my husband, my children, and my country doesn’t deserve my time. I want to put that passion into good relationships. I want to listen to people and discover more about them because we are all made in the image of God, and that includes people with homosexual tendencies. I want to tell everyone I meet that I’m Catholic, and then strive to live up to the name. I want people to see us praying in public, and smile because we are smiling. I want people to hear my children talk about their natural excitement for their future families they hope to raise, and to remember again that marriage lives in the hearts of children. I want people to see our big messy family, and see that the unity is good even though we have faults, fights, and embarrassing shortcomings. I want to exercise the religious freedom that we still have and invite friends and neighbors to come with us to Mass to taste and see the salvation available to the entire human race. I want to let the light of faith shine, and hope that my prayers in this life will somehow, someday bear fruit in the next generations.

In short, I need to be more like Mary who followed God’s will in a fallen, broken world. She didn’t argue with snarky people and she didn’t worry about the future because she had the most faith, hope, and love a creature can have. She had her purpose, her fiat.

I don’t know what it is or when it will come, but as the Beatle’s song says, ” . . . there will be an answer.” It was this post about that song by Catholic Stand columnist and quantitative psychologist, Dr. Jeff McLeod, that prompted me to think about the issue again. Jeff believes the song is about the Blessed Virgin whether Sir Paul McCartney admits it or not because the words reveal it. Of course! The world pines for truth. Christians serve a God who holds everything in existence. They do not serve Satan. Satan doesn’t create anything or hold anything in existence because he is a fallen creature himself; he only destroys. Our faith protects us if we choose to accept it, and our prayers and actions will change the world for the better if — and only if — we follow God’s good will. When we don’t think we have the answers in our limited understanding, that’s the answer.

The more I “be” a wife and mother bound by the Sacrament of Matrimony, the more I “be” a Christian, the more I’ll “be” doing my part to keep marriage alive in our culture. A fiat is more than a stand, it’s who you are and no one can take it away because it’s a gift from God. When the destruction is over, the truth will stand alone. Let it be done.

Stacy Trasancos hit one out of the park in my view here particularly when she writes "I want to tell everyone I meet that I’m Catholic, and then strive to live up to the name."

Amen Stacy.  And I think you are doing so beautifully with this piece.

I am convinced, perhaps myopically and somewhat blindly, the more one is exposed to sound Catholic thought, the more one will be open to embracing it.  Truth tends to have its way like that.

I pray my small cadre of readers will read and digest Stacy's entire piece and allow the Truth of her message to have its way.

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