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I'm Not That Good, but I'm Not That Bad

By Astylizedhysteria


I had a long weekend, starting on Thursday night with an emergency trip to the vet for Chloe cat. Long story short, she got in a fight with some bigger animal and her wounds became infected and turned into abscesses. The wounds are on her lower back so her little butt is shaved and she’s on antibiotics. She’s already looking better, but I felt horrible about not checking her earlier for cuts other than the small one I saw on her foot initially. I always assumed if she was in a fight, she’d look like it, but no. So warning to all the pet owners/lovers out there: if your pet has a little scratch from being outside, give yourself the peace of mind of checking them all over for cuts. Hopefully you can avoid the guilt and vet bills I’m dealing with!

On to more fashionable things. I wore this about two weeks ago for my friend’s bridal shower. Her wedding is coming up in just two short weeks and I’m looking forward to wearing a pretty bridesmaid dress, drinking with some Irish folks, and bowling after the wedding! I got this dress on clearance at Madewell and was saving it for a hot date. Sadly, none of those have come my way, but the ladies at the shower appreciated it!




dress- Madewell
shoes- Dolce Vita


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