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I'm Moving Again

By Mrsebiology @mrsebiology
I taught high school science for 16 years, and then I jumped into a curriculum director position for a year.  Because there wasn't any long-term potential for me to grow or enable any positive change in that particular district's culture and climate, I decided to go back to teaching, which is what I did this year.
But I'm moving again.  I'm moving back into a curriculum director position at a nearby district.
It wasn't a decision I made lightly.  I was more than content to stay in the classroom (and I think I will always be content to be in a classroom teaching smaller humans how to learn), but I was pressured to apply for the curriculum director position by a few colleagues as well as my husband.  This is pretty much how the conversation went when I was approached about applying:
Them:  ("You should apply.  You could help touch so many more students in that role.  You have a lot to offer.  You should apply.") x 3 bazillion times
Me: (After the 3 bazillion and oneth time) ALRIGHT ALREADY!  I'll apply if you will STOP TELLING ME TO APPLY.

So, I applied.  And then I forgot that I had applied (mainly because everyone then quit hassling me about applying).  Until a call came for me in February about an interview.  And to the interview I went.  And then another call came about another interview....and all of a sudden I was a curriculum director again.
I agonized over leaving the classroom.  But something about this position feels right.  And when something feels right, I go for it.  
However, I could do without moving all my stuff out of one space and into another again.  If anyone would like to help with that, just let me know.

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