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I’m In A Rut

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj

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Life has a way of getting in the way.  I have work schedules I’m dealing with along with deadlines and trying to move.  Not to mention the day to day stuff with the kids.  My son is not to happy with me or my husband right now for that matter.

You see having Daddy home for over 2 weeks and being able to go wherever whenever was a little addicting.  Now that dad’s back at work and has been working weekend nights it has been really hard on him especially since the much anticipated Disney Planes has come out.

And of course wouldn’t you know that the Drive In was playing Planes last weekend?  We had discussed possibly going, but between my working nights and my husband working nights it just hasn’t looked like it’s possible.  I hate disappointing my kids.  I hope we find time to go see it, but right now we’re all just stretched a little thin.  Unfortunately explaining to a 5 year old that you need to work to make money to go to see movies isn’t exactly easy.

But anyways, I am sure you’re probably noticed I have been lacking in blogging.  I have things I want to blog about.  Just no time to sit down and actually make them happen.  But I’m thinking about some back to school tips soon.  I’m just not sure what more I can tell you about back to school.  I did a Back To School Guide last year after all.  So please tell me what else you want to hear about.  I have a review of the Classic Harbor cruise in NY I still need to write as well.

I hope to be back to writing more regularly and about things with more substance than my boohoo I’m moving and life is so hectic right now.  I hate being like this, but wanted to let you know I will get back on track, hopefully sooner rather than later.

What fun things have you been up to this summer?

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