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“I’m Crazy About Running”

By Stevemiranda

Here’s a story from today’s news:

CHICAGO – Amber Miller felt contractions just minutes after crossing the finish line at the Chicago Marathon. A few hours later, the suburban Chicago woman—who slogged her way through 26.2 miles while nearly 39 weeks pregnant—delivered a healthy baby girl.

“For me, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I was running up until that point anyway,” Miller told The Associated Press in an interview from the hospital where she was recovering Monday. “I am crazy about running.”

Sunday’s marathon was the eighth for the 27-year-old, who has been running for more than a dozen years. She found out she was pregnant with her second child days after signing up for the Chicago race and decided to play it by ear on whether or not she would run.

People are capable of extraordinary achievements when they’re pursuing something they’re passionate about.

* * *

So my question is this: Tomorrow, when you send your daughter off to school, will she be following directions, in required classes, in order to meet the minimum state standards . . . or will she be pursuing something she’s passionate about?

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