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I’m Back: Bolder, Badder and Better Than Ever Before!

Posted on the 12 October 2015 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

I’m Back: Bolder, Badder and Better than Ever Before!My Beer Vacation Has Officially Ended

It’s been over 40 weeks since my last blog post was published into the abyss of digital noise. What seemed like mere weeks, has morphed somehow into months.

How time does fly when you’re not having fun!

Hey, wait. You didn’t really believe I was on a beer binge for months straight, did you? And truth be told: I have never had a during my working years. Ever.

So what the heck have I been doing or not doing, for the last 10 months?

Well, to the few of you in my fledgling readership who care enough to know, I was
extremely busy. Busy working on projects, busy searching for the illusive new client or two, or three. Or eighty.

Preoccupied with getting results for my clients, rather than just WRITING for them.

The fact in this matter is, writing has become too much of a so-called commodity to offer as a standalone service. Supposedly, anyone and their southern uncle and auntie can ‘write for a living’ or publish the next ‘chart-busting novel.’

Or at least that’s what most of them seem to think.

Shall I make a long rant short? I simply lost interest in giving copywriting tips and advice to who the hell knows whom. So I took some time (once again) to totally reinvent myself, my business, and my contributions to whomever happens to be reading my stuff.

I’m Back: Bolder, Badder and Better than Ever Before!

Now that I’m back, I’m going to bring forth content that’s bolder, badder and better, than ever before!

So what can you expect in upcoming posts?

  • Conversion optimization of random websites in step-by-step detail (time to piss people off)
  • Case studies describing my clients’ experience with my services, in detail
  • Comprehensive how-to guides highlighting various tactics to make your words get true results
  •  Links to my contributions to other blogs and upcoming posts from guest bloggers
  • Candid details into what I do to get clients and how I satisfy them long-term
  • Weekly posts; on-schedule and packed with value——-

So be sure to bookmark this blog if you haven’t yet done so, and stay tuned to my channel for a few winning recipes.

Until next time….

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