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"I'm a Ripper! A Ripper Doesn't Stop!"

Posted on the 14 October 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
I think I can successfully say that I am stunned.
As if it wasn't possible, The Vampire Diaries has blown me away. Yet again.
What a THRILLING episode! I bet I wasn't the only one sitting on the edge of my bed, chewing my nails and gasping in shock every 5 minutes. Truly an incredible episode, with astounding performances by Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Zach Roerig, Nina Dobrev, Steven McQueen, Claire Holt, Kayla Ewell, and of course my favourite, Ian Somerhalder :)
Special thanks goes to writer Michael Narducci for setting my soul on fire with this episode! All the twists and shocks and heart-stoppers! Amazing, truly. Thank you!
[picture: Joseph Morgan, I just want to eat your face. You're too sexy for that stare]
So now, after all my gushing, I want to highlight some of my favourite moments from this episode! (which is probably going to turn into a recap, only because I LOVED EVERY SECOND. Just saying).
The best parts
The opening scene: It's quiet in the school. All you can hear is a clinking sound, which turns out to be Matt doing weights (all sweaty and hunky). He gets up to investigate, and it's all eerie and deserted, and then SNAP! He sets off all the mousetraps in a classroom where Elena, Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie are setting up for senior prank night.
Caroline - "Where are you going?"
Elena - "To superglue Alaric's desk shut. Making memories." - poor Elena, this will definitely be a night for memories. Just not very nice ones.
Klaus' reappearance: Elena turns the corner and BAM! "You are supposed to be dead! What are we going to do about that?" I don't know about Elena, but I'd be shitting my pants right about now.
Damon and Kat sittin' in a car, k-i-s-s-i-n-g: I love Kat's coming onto Damon. She's such a hottie. And him taking the bait.. and then throwing it back in her face with a "Thought I'd give it a shot. Truth is, you don't do it for me anymore." OH SNAP! Take that Kat ;)
Repetitive breaking of one's neck can't be good: Klaus has apparently been breaking Stefan's neck over and over. And what's going on Bex? You're all nasty now? I think she's pissed that Stefan is still in love with Elena. Perhaps she's being so petty (what a whiny child!) because her jealousy is spiking all over the place. Reign it in dear. It's not an attractive feature.
Klaus dragging Elena around the school: Hey, look at me, I'm big bad hybrid and I drag girls around by the arm. Look at me go! She's like a toy! Haha, oh Joseph Morgan, I will never stop loving you. Especially with that fake accent he throws around.
Any of Klaus' games amuse me, even foot-dropping ones: Lift your foot up? You'll be beaten to death if you drop it? Haha, Klaus. As terrifying as that game is, it's hilarious. Sorry those kids had to die though :/ Stupid Rippah Stefan.
Klaus rage. There was a lot of it in this episode: I love that Klaus' rage turns into snarky replies to things, but he delivers it in a way that gives you a small shiver up your spine. Classic examples:
  1. Elena - "Don't Klaus! You don't have to hurt anybody." Klaus - "Oh c'mon love, of course I do."
  2. Elena - "Where's Stefan?" Klaus - "Stefan's on a time out."
  3. Klaus - "I invited him to the party love, he's the one dancing on the table."
There were more, but those were my favs :)
Helpful Kat: While it's a little weird that Katerina has decided to be helpful (it's probably a selfish agenda she's running, but something tells me she isn't over Stefan), I like that she told Damon about the necklace. And I don't mind that she kidnapped Jeremy. At least it kept him safe from Klaus' rage, you know?
Damon's emerging wisdom and realisations: That sounds very psychological when I put it like that ha! But I love that Damon isn't falling for Kat's tricks like he used to. And the fact that it suddenly occurred to him that he actually WANTS to be by Elena's side (a little late though my dear) I found it amusing when he said to Kat - "I'm not turning back." Yeh, uh huh. Sure Damon. You keep telling yourself that [cut to 10 minutes later] Oh hey I'm leaving! Haha.
But that led into one of my fav Damon moments of this episode:
Damon - "Katherine! Phone now!"
Katherine - "The Damon I remember wouldn't have been that stupid."
Damon - "I wouldn't have done it for you."
Aww Delena. Cuteness.
Apparently we ask about ex's when we're making out with current bfs: Caroline, you're hilarious. Asking about Matt while making out with Tyler? But way to take it Tyler! You are so adorably perceptive. I hate that you're so adorable, and you're almost a hybrid. Sigh. That sucks.
Bex ruins cute moments: Following straight on from Forwood's cute scene, Bex decides to enter the scene and ruin the moment. "I'm the new girl." Yeah, you are Claire. What a babe.
Matt apparently feels the need to drown himself to see his dead sister: I don't entirely understand Matt's logic here. While I respect that he must be going through a SUPER tough time, I'm not sure I'd advise anyone else to take his path if they found out all their friends were some supernatural being and their sister died a vampire. Just saying.
Oh yeah, and now he can see ghosts. Or maybe just Vicki. I agree with Bonnie, it was reckless and stupid. It wasn't worth it Matt, you fool. I love you, but you're a bit daft sometimes. You might just regret the decision to drown yourself.
THE SHOCKER: Klaus feeding Tyler his blood! But is anyone else finding that they sort of expect someone's neck to get snapped in each episode of TVD? I mean, it's a pretty regular occurrence. All this death and coming back to life stuff. If someone actually die dies from getting their neck snapped the next time, I don't think I'll believe it until they're buried. (I was still reeling over Jenna's death days after it happened.. anyone else dies and it might take a good week before I come to terms with it.)
You know it's all going to hell when Stefan pledges his loyalty to Klaus. Again. : Ah shit.
Rippah Stefan still has feelings yay: Aww Rippah Stefan still loves Elena. I like his mini fight with Klaus. Though, of course, it caused Klaus to react exactly how we thought he would. Compel time! Stefan, you are only going to obey now. Ah crap Stefan. This ain't good. Annddd off he goes. Cue crazy eyes. Dead girl, and dead boy. Sad face.
I'm liking this Kat and Jeremy dynamic: So, Kat gets the info from Anna via Jeremy via manipulating Damon (a little bit) about Michael.
Damon - "Stop with the teenie bopper drama." Lol I love Damon.
Just a note, why WOULD Anna help them?! She's a freaking ghost! Oh but she will if Jeremy's in danger. DUH. And I love that they go and open badass vampire hunter Michael's tomb. Good thing? Bad thing? Guess we'll find out - NEXT WEEK.
Sebastian Roche is going to be the best. I know this: I KNEW Michael was a vampire! I KNEW IT! Michael, Michael, Michael. I am ridiculously excited for Sebastian Roche to come into play (he's totally tweeted me before, I love him haha).
Bex found the necklace: In a photo on Elena's phone. "Why is that doppleganger bitch wearing my necklace?" Cue the screeching, whiny side of Rebekah. And now Klaus knows about the necklace. And he's even MORE pissed off. 20 minutes until Stefan has to feed on Elena. That's not cool.
Stefan's love for Elena blew me away: Well, I am totally proud of Stefan's love for Elena. I had no idea it would hold. But good on you. Stelena fans everywhere are dying of happiness.
Totally sucks Klaus decided to compel the humanity out of you. Bummer. (Sorry Stelena fans. Bit more drama yet before those two are getting back together).
Elena doesn't fully understand Stefan's 'Rippah' side, but she believes in him anyway: I love that she still has so much faith in him; she tells him just to drink from her. And tells him that he just has to want it bad enough to stop. Yeh he owes you! You tell him girl! But hold up. Rippah Stefan ain't having it (yet). He's awesome but a tad scary. And to think, it only gets scarier.
Bonnie is like, ninja life-saver: Team Bonnie! How she pulled Matt out of the pool I have no idea. He's all hunk and muscle, that Zach.
Tyler lives!: But.... he's a hybrid. Crap. What is this going to mean I wonder? Klaus bolted outta there pretty fast, and he didn't take Tyler with him. But he DID leave behind Stefan-patrol. Something tells me Tyler ain't outta the woods yet.
Stefan trying to stop himself from drinking Elena's blood: This scene almost broke my heart (little did i know what was to come!) I mean, my nails were chewed OFF, that's how nervous this scene made me. Bloody oath Klaus! Of course you were right there to stop her. And to think, Stefan tried to kill himself to not hurt Elena. All the Stelena fans would have been dying right now. I'm a delena fan but i was amzed at his resiliance. Poor baby.
Klaus, you ruin everything.
But, I still love you.
Paul Wesley is a freaking amazing Rippah: I mean, we knew it already from seeing him this season slowly losing his humanity. But that point where his humanity was gone? I'm plain terrified now. What a transformation! Paul, you played full-blown-Rippah-with-no-humanity perfectly. Can't wait to see more.
TVD has made me afraid of hospitals for life: Of course Elena is lying in a hospital bed, and a compelled nurse is draining the blood from her. Eesh, TVD, you need to make hospitals safe again for me! BUT without this scene, there wouldn't have been that gorgeous moment where Damon swoops her up and carries her outta there. My hero <3 Now if only you were taking her off into the sunset..
Speaking of carrying - Tyler sweeping Caroline off her feet :) Too bad that happiness is probably gonna be short-lived. This is TVD, after all.
Klaus has a soft side: We knew he did. He doesn't want to be alone, eh? You can try and cover it up with angry words, but you lonely boy!
Thank God Damon decided to be a quick thinker and not a smart ass (kind of) for once: Wow, Klaus is really scared of Michael. I suppose a vampire-hunting vampire would be a bit freaky for vampires (say that 3 times fast!)
Damon and Elena make my heart pound: No Damon! Don't you EVER leave her again! God, his face broke my heart when he saw her in the hospital. Look how worried he was! And then right at the end, before Stefan ruined it - Damon giving Elena back that stupid necklace?! Who does that?! I love you Damon. I want your vampire babies.
He was just so honest and sincere in this scene. And Nina Dobrev blows my mind. How she cries on a whim like that?
Elena - "Where were you Damon?"
Damon - "I shouldn't have left. I promise you, I will never leave you again."
My heart exploded. Love these two. Soo thankful they're dating in real life. Perfect.
THE FINAL SHOCKER: Rippah Stefan is here to babysit?! WTF? Talk about role reversal! Stefan playing the Damon card. Oh no, Rippah Stefan chilling about? Now that's a worry. Doop de do :S
Mini notes
(I love that 'the best parts' ended up being basically the entire episode lol). These are just some little notes!
  • Ghost Vicki is a bit creepy. I don't know what game she's playing, and now that Matt can see her - I wonder if she'll manipulate him in some way?
  • I half wonder whether Rebekah is faking it. Does she really care about Klaus that much? Or does she secretly resent him still? And also - did Klaus ditch her when he ran off? Or did she go with him? Gotta say though, Claire Holt looks smokin' in this episode.
I am SO excited for next week! Alright dears that's it :) Please sound off with comments, or tweet me! @Jayneymoo or @janeymoo :) :) Can't wait to hear from you!

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