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I Love Citron

By Alysonisneat
I Love Citron
I Love Citron
I Love Citron
Right now, I'd rather be spending time with my boyfriend.  So that is what I'm going to do.  Even though as I was editing these pictures he looks at them and says, "Your drain is clogged." I start freaking out thinking something is showing that shouldn't be.  I ask him, "What do you mean by that?" and he said, "On your gutter, its clogged."  Oh... phew, just that.
I love this outfit.  In fact, I wore it twice in two weeks.  Only one picture though.
Also, check out my bike! (hint: they are on my ears)
Finally, gin may effect your blogging if you drink it while you blog.
Top: Target
Belt: Vested Bee Vintage
Skirt: thrifted, picked out by my mom
Shoes: hand me down from Adrienne
Earrings: Old Made Good
One more thing, I loved reading all the comments from Monday.  I wanted to clarify, there are not many places in Nashville that I avoid as far as safety goes.  Trust me you don't want to know the crime rate where I live.  In complete honesty, I avoid Green Hills like the plague.  One of my best friends lives there (and I still love her despite that haha) so its not totally unavoidable.  The traffic is awful.  It once took me 20 minutes on an exit ramp to get to the road because of the Beib movie.

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