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I'll Give You A Second Date

By Thefriskyvirgin
When did having sex on the first date become an expectation? I mean, we all know the unspoken 3rd date dilemma, but the first?! After you've just met someone?! Listening to friends, this is becoming more and more common.
Dinner--talk--laugh--get asked for sex in car before leaving parking lot--answer no--date over.
I've had the first date sex offer a few times, sometimes in the car, sometimes at the table.  Never ceases to amaze me. I mean, we just met, I hardly know you, you hardly know me, and yet you expect me to sleep with you?! Um, no. Ever hear of self respect? No? Ah, I see, your perky little member is crying too loud to hear your brain.
I had one date literally ask which sexual positions we would explore after dinner.  I lost my appetite almost immediately, particularly while watching him showcase his ability to lick food off his fork. I'm not sure if he was trying to be sexy or if that's really how he eats his food. Either way, it made me nauseous.
The most recent was Second Chance Charlie.  After dinner, before dessert arrived, he offered up the sex deal.  It was rather classic, considering he apparently wouldn't be able to make the long ten minute drive home and told me about a hotel up the street.  Super. 
Well, I shut down that little gem pretty much as our dessert arrived.  It was then S.C.C. pulled out his phone and proceeded to arrange a booty call after our dinner.  Awesome. 
Me, noticing his sulk change to that I'm gonna get some grin: "Did you just booty call someone?"
S.C.C.: "Don't take it personally."
Me: "Believe me, I don't."
S.C.C.: "I respect that you don't do it on the first date, I do, and because I do, I'll give you a second date."
Me, the shocked smirk stretching across my face: "Think you'd be better off sticking to your booty girl, there." 
Bet he would've keeled over had he known I'm a V-card holder.
Dinner--talk--laugh--get asked for sex before dessert--answer no--date makes booty call--date offers second chance date--answer no--date over. 
So, is this a trend?  Random luck of the draw? Whatever it is, I'm thinking I should just prerecord my answer and bring it with me.  Then, when critical question oozes from date's mouth, I can whip out a little recorder and play said "no."  Bit concerned I'll develop some sort of twitch if I have to keep giving the same answer over and over again.

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