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I Like to Move It!

By Countesstt @CountessTT
2011 started out with all good things.  I was feeling good and ready to take on the world!  After the switch from Arimidex to Tamoxifen my body just seemed more able to take on new things.  Plus my mind was clearer and I felt that I could now do so much more.  My new mantra became “sure I’ll try it!”  I was also feeling much better about my appearance.  The weight and puffiness was gone and my hair was long again!  I could feel it blowing in the wind and I could tie it back into a ponytail and I could use a straightener or a curling iron and I could feel it brushing against my back.  I had brand new hair which was a nice change from bald.  Much more work but I was not going to complain!


Ready for hockey - 2011

Since my whole family was playing hockey, I figured if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  So I did.  I took a few more hockey lessons and then was asked if I was ready for the ladies league in our town.  I wasn’t ready but I thought what the hell.  No time like the present.  So I away I went.  I was really nervous the first night but I knew most of the ladies so they made me feel comfortable.  Every time I would get all the gear on I would check if my hockey bag was empty to be sure I had everything on somewhere.  I might not have it on in the right spot but I was wearing it somewhere!  I hoped that my skating would improve since I had never used hockey skates before.  I could skate okay with figure skates but this was a whole new ball game.  I also tried to get out to public skating once in a while to practice a bit.  Anyway, it was so much fun playing and I laughed so much that it really didn’t matter how crappy I was.  I just did my best and had a blast.


Swimming in Lake Huron - Summer 2011

Then I decided to get back into swimming.  I was a competitive swimmer when I was in elementary and high school and have always loved the water.  There was a swimming pool near my office so I was able to start going a few times a week and it felt incredible!  I had forgotten how much I loved, loved the feeling of gliding through the water.  I had tried to swim a couple of years before and I could not do it.  I had no strength in my arms and upper body.  I remember getting out of the pool and crying because I just could not hold myself above the water to swim.  It seemed I would never be back to the point where I could swim.  But now I was stronger and before too long I was swimming about 70 lengths of a 25m pool each time I went.  The first time I attempted to swim butterfly I could manage only half of a length and then I built up to being able to do four lengths in a row.  One day, the day that I finally did a full length, I got to the other end of the pool and when I touched the wall I let out a loud whoop because I was so happy that I had done it!  I didn’t realize how loud I had whooped until I saw that the lifeguard had jumped up and was ready to pounce and make sure I was okay.


5 km run with Tasza - Spring 2011

When the weather started to warm up I turned to running again.  I have always enjoyed running.  All you need are some good shoes, some music and away you go.  Running was my time to just zone out and enjoy my surroundings or clear my head or think about something I needed to sort out.  Whatever my mood was I always felt better after a run.  I might be in pain the next day but that was okay.  My power song is of course, “Run for Life”.


Golfing in Pennsylvania - Summer 2011

My next challenge was going to be the golf course.  I decided that I wanted to take a few lessons and get out to the driving range and the golf course as much as I could.  Golfing was something that I had only done a handful of times and I wasn’t very good at it.  I wanted to feel more comfortable and less like the worst player in the world.  I took a few lessons with a friend from work and we also went to the driving range a time or two during our lunch break.  So after that we were pros of course!  Ok so I will never be a pro but I do try to get out a few times in the summer and I now feel comfortable enough to get out to the driving range on my own to hit a bucket or two. 
So yeah you could say “I like to move it”!
I Like To Move It - Madagascar

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