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I Like My Man..

By 9jagirl4real

I like my Man..-Masculine (huge muscles and all), Dark-skinned and everything masculine (nothing feminine)..
My man is the kind of man you look at and all you see is a “MAN!!”
I like my Man EXTRA, EXTRA MANLY with no trace of femininity.
Ladies, its very easy to focus on the physical characteristics of what we want in man that we forget the most important thing.
Looks are important too don’t get it twisted but character is more important.
Trust me, I want a man who looks good but most importantly I want a man who..

1. Loves God
2. Loves people
3. Great father

….etc.. etc..

His muscles will go through natural old age atrophy. His good looks will disappear one day. There’s more to love than just looks. Let’s forget about looks for a second. What kind of man do you want?

Please write it down..

Start by writing “I want a man who”

1. Provides for his family
2. Hardworking
3. Honest
4. Intelligent
5. Educated
6. Ambitious
7. Loves children
8. Wants to have his own family
9. Loves me
10. Cares about his children
11. Loves God
12. Not lazy
13. Has a job or working towards a career.
14. Treats me well

Write characteristics that really matter to you.

It makes no sense to have a good looking guy who has all the swag in the world but can’t provide or has no plans. If God gives you a man who has the important qualities and looks good too? Girl, you are blessed! I am tired of seeing ladies deduce their value for “looks.”

There’s no perfect man but somethings in life is more important than looks.

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