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I Lied

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Yair Sherki reported last night from the coalition negotiations between the Likud and UTJ. According to Sherki, the Likud is trying to walk back their commitment to UTJ regarding funding the Haredi educational system without core curriculum studies at a rate equal to that of the general system, saying it is going to cost more than originally estimated - more to the tune of 4-6 billion shekels.
UTJ's response, reportedly, was that they will not compromise and have no reason to, considering that Raam and the Muslim Brotherhood got 53 billion shekels from the last government. Whatever it might cost to fund their educational system, it is far less than what Raam got, so they have no reason to compromise.
Let's not forget - that "53 billion" was a major part of the Opposition fighting against the government over the past year and a half, and it was a major part of the campaign of Netanyahu and the Netanyahu-led bloc in the recent elections. Any claims to the contrary saying the numbers was actually much less was shot down and the person claiming it attacked as a Leftist, a liar, protecting the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.
According to Sherki, Netanyahu responded to the UTJ claim saying they did not actually get 53 billion from the last government but it was actually 2 billion shekels.
(as an aside, the number 53 was real, but it wasnt given to Raam or anyone - 53 billion was the plan for the multi-year development of the Arab sector over a period of, I think, 5 years. It was designated for road infrastructure, education, crime fighting, etc. Obviously only a small portion of it actually got dispensed because the government collapsed, but even if the entire 53 billion had been dispensed, only a tiny portion of it, the 2 billion (and some say 6) referenced by Netanyahu here, was for Raam to use for their constituents).
Basically Netanyahu said I lied - I lied to you, I lied to the entire country. But it was all part of the campaign to make his way back to power, so it was ok. I dont feel bad for UTJ because they knew he was lying - the numbers were public knowledge and even if they werent nobody knows the actual numbers better than Gafni (among some others like Netanyahu and Deri). UTJ was complicit in stating the lie for their own benefits. Now, during negotiations Netanyahu is just not letting them use the lie against him. I also dont feel bad for the outgoing government, the one that was lie about - they should have opposed it, and explained the truth and not leave the Likud narrative to basically go unanswered. Netanyahu made everyone believe that Lapid and Bennett had sold out the country to Raam, but Lapid and Bennett basically let everyone believe it, in their attempts to be statesmanlike. The sad part is the general public that was lied to, most of whom only read the headlines and not the actual details, and believed the bill of goods they were sold.
Netanyahu just told UTJ not to use his own lie against him. Hey everybody I lied, but now let's get back to reality.
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