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I Heart Fruit

By Shangi @lifefruitbasket
Broken-hearted? Dazed and confused about love? Betrayed by a loved one? Falling in love with your bestfriend? Involved in a love triangle? Love quadrangle? Love pentagon? Hey, we don't discriminate! Fret no more, The Love Fruit is inand we are officially accepting entries from our love-stricken readers who need sound advice about love and relationships!
I Heart Fruit
Just click on the CONTACT ME tab (which you can spot easily as shown below) and start bringing out the Nicholas Sparks in you.
I Heart Fruit
Once you get in the Contact page, you can fill in your name or as Anonymous and write I HEART FRUIT on the Subject line. This is just to ensure that your mail doesn't get lost in the hundreds of junk mail or love letters from hot Brazilian models that the boyfriend doesn't know about. It's free to dream.
I Heart Fruit
For your privacy and to protect your identities, we highly recommend that you use aliases for yourself and anyone involved in your telenovela story. But if you really want to let the whole world know who you are...then by all means, cocoa beans! Also, you don't need to write an epic novel. If you have just a specific scenario or question that you need enlightenment on, we are more than happy to listen!
C'mon now. Don't be shy. I'll even call on our dear friend Stephen Bishop to put you in the mood.
Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You

Kleenex, anyone?

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