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I Have Seen This Before!!! Ok I Know That Designers Take Their...

By Lauramoodley

I Have seen this before!!!

Ok I know that designers take their is inspiration from their high end collections, in this case: Jean Paul Gaultier, Haute Couture, and re interpret the themes or ideas for their ready to wear…thats how fashion is developed…

But what happened here? On the Left you have the Haute couture Collection from Gaultier which was inspired by Amy Winehouse & shown in January. Then on the right side you have the Pret a Porte collection shown at Beijing in April….whats with the direct copies? Everything else in the 2 collections are totally different from what i could see, did he not have enough items to show and think, “ill just throw in a couple of bits from the last collection- know one will notice” ?? Or is he trying to make the most popular items from his Couture show, more accessible?

Im a huge Gaultier fan, and im not in any way saying he sucks, im just confused about this overlap, I have never seen this happen in all the years that ive been following the fashion industry. Images of the similar items were very hard to get too, because i guess magazines didnt want to show twice the same thing….

So we will pass it off as just a blip or an intentional attempt to sell to a wider market…

xoxo LLM

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