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I Do! (want Ice Cream at My Wedding)

By Icecreamed

Whatever decisions you make along the way (and don’t worry it will be wonderful!), dessert can be an easy one. Ice cream is versatile, easy to serve, and can be dressed up for all sorts of occasions. Here are several suggestions that will help you incorporate an excellent dessert into your special day.

Paired with Cake: The easiest way to serve ice cream at a wedding is to pair it with your chosen cake. Logistically speaking, this is one of the best options to consider if you are entertaining the idea of a platted dinner. However, various flavors and dishes can be placed on the table and the guests can scoop at will. It will sweeten up an already delicious night.

 The DIY Sundae Bar: Another fun and rather traditional route is to add a DIY sundae bar to your dessert options. Sundae bars allow you to customize to your heart’s content. Buy your favorite ice cream! Pick out fun candy! Mix and match dishes! Truly, it is a fun way to add a your own personal touch.

Renting An Ice Cream Truck or Cart: If you aren’t into DIY but still would like an ice cream option, consider renting an ice cream truck or cart. Many artisan shops offer interesting catering options. If you are renting through an event space, ask them for advice. They often have connections or will be more than willing to set up a cart for you.

Offbeat Milkshakes & Cookie Sandwiches: If you want to skip the cake cutting and run-of-the-mill desserts, ask your catering company if they can make milkshakes or cookie sandwiches. The milkshakes can be served in shooters or interesting glassware. Pick an assortment of flavors that will keep you and your guests happy. Who says you have to have cake?

 Weddings are an excellent time to celebrate the people and things that you love most in life. If you are an ice cream fanatic, there is no reason to sideline it for more traditional wedding food. Let your wedding reflect you! It will certainly be a day to remember.

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