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I Decide To Stay Happy

By Milastolemyheart
I Decide To Stay Happy
A few weeks ago, I was asked to list 10 Things That Makes Me Happy. It took me the whole day to think about this. I realized I just don't focus on ME enough to know what's making me happy. Here's the list  I came up with.
10 Things That Makes Me Happy

  1. Every single milestone my daughter achieves. Specially if I was there to see it the first time. 
  2. Movie time/Date with my husband 
  3. Ice Cream and chocolates. Anything sweet really. 
  4. Cooking 
  5. Joining and winning raffles and contests. I just love free stuff! 
  6. Carefree time with friends and family. No deadlines to think about. 
  7. Cold beer at the beach. 
  8. Travelling. 
  9. Accomplished goals. Got 2 big goals done recently: get a car and move to a more decent place. 
  10. A simple smile from Mila

Most of these are simple stuff that I get and see everyday. I'm thinking I should not be so stressed right? But I am! Maybe because I do not actively look or search for my happiness. I decide to stay happy. I want my year to stay positive and I will work on keeping it that way. It does not take much really. Aside from the 10 things listed above, I decided I will have a sort of bucket list. Just a small list of things I plan to do to constantly stay happy and positive.
10 Things That Will Keep Me Happy
  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. A Healthier me is a happier me.
  2. Go to the park with my daughter Mila every weekend. She is my unending source of happiness.
  3. Have baby-free dates with hubs. He was and will always be my partner so I better take care of us too.
  4. Be debt free. Clear out my credit card balance. No explanation needed.
  5. Share a smile with one stranger daily. Happiness is contagious.
  6. Learn and complete one new craft every week. Or finish a new book. Small accomplishments can boost my self-confidence a lot.
  7. Go to work and attend church consistently. No late or absences. I have to take care of my financial and spiritual needs too.
  8. Forgive and forget. Having peace of mind is always positive.
  9. Avoid mediocrity on everything I do. 
  10. Regularly schedule a "beautify-me" day. Looking good can make you feel good.
I think this is doable. With the level of stress that I have, there's not a better time to start than now. There are a thousand other things that can make me happy. This small list will hopefully help make me happier, healthier, and more radiant!

I wonder what makes you happy?

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