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I’d Like to Rip Off This Photo, But Now I Know Better

By Shrinkingthecamel

I’d Like to Rip Off this Photo, But Now I Know Better

Some of you may remember this photo from several years ago as the image for my blog. I had done a random Google search for “Camel Needle Eye” or some such thing, and – BAM! There it was, a camel hoisted up by a crane getting ready to drop it through a giant needle, with Washington  D.C. as the backdrop. Perfect.

So I set it up as the big banner image across the top of the screen.

Eventually I got schooled in the world of internet copyrights and blogging, and that these photographs snagged from Google images are actually taken by real people, people who generally make a living off of their creative work, or at least want acknowledgement for it. I tracked down the site where the photo was originally posted (which was now inactive), and even emailed the owners of the site pleading with them to use that camel-photo, but no response.

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