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I Can Feel It Coming in The Air Toniiiiightttttt……

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Yes. I just did that to you.

I so unleashed a bit of the Phil Collins on you.

And you liked it – admit it.

What… (you may ask yourself) … has me so excited that I would break out into the greatest hits of early 90′s singles discos?


In a fit of excitement a few months ago we engaged the services of our favorite graphic designers (ever) Braizen – to craft our new branding.

It was a BIG leap.

We thought about it.



(threeeee times a laaaaydaaaa).

And we decided to leap in and take the plunge and let me tell you – it has been a gorgeous experience. From Ashley’s fun Skype consultations to the way she just seems to ‘get’ us – we are stupidly excited. And I don’t mean that with a gram of hyperbole. We are so excited that we may have actually gotten dumber.

I am going to let you in on a little peek of the inspiration board I just got today.

But only a PEEK.

You will have to wait for the rest.

Now I am……sitting…. in front of my inbox…. staring…. waiting….. expectantly….pressing my face into the glass in a pathetic way…..

May is a long time to wait, but we will wait together. I will sing you some more tunes.

HEY… where are you going?!?


I Can Feel It Coming in The Air Toniiiiightttttt……


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