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I Am Sending Out Blessings And Inspiration🕊🌷🕊

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Am Sending Out Blessings And Inspiration🕊🌷🕊

I Am Sending Out Blessings And Inspiration🕊🌷🕊

From liam on Responding To Your Message: Fellow Caulbearer

miss latoya do you have any techniques for thriving as a caulbearer

liam a day ago

I Am Sending Out Blessings And Inspiration🕊🌷🕊

From misslatoya on Responding To Your Message: Fellow Caulbearer

5 minutes ago·misslatoya

Hi Liam, nice to meet you!❤

Above all else- love yourself, respect yourself, believe in yourself no matter what, trust in yourself do not ever let anyone tell you what you cannot accomplish, and do not let circumstances, anyone, or anything else in life define you- always stand your ground and be firm in who you are.

I asked spirit to guide me in answering your question and here is what flowed through the energy that came to me:

As one born with various enigmatic and transcendental psychic/clairvoyant abilities I attribute my thriving to the resilient spirit I was born with along to the preternatural energy that is a naturally manifested part of my existence.

When we have a strong purpose, we are born equipped with everything we need to endure, conquer, and to achieve- and there is nothing that can stop you or what is meant to be.

We all have our own choices. However, if we decide to listen, we will be in congruent.

We have the extraordinary ability to perceive information that cannot be picked up by the normal five senses.

Our inner voice of spirit serves as a guide and a means of protection to communicate discernment outside this dimension of realm to exude the qualities of what the individual and celestial embodiment generates through grounding and foundation to keep and to steer one throughout the path of their journey.

To have a keen sense of self, to not conform to anything that is not of you.

When you hold on to your truth your truth will hold you- and this is unbreakable.

To accept and to embrace what is of you, what you are of, and what holds you is powerful and in exchange produces phenomenal outcomes in your life.

Yes, life can get tough here and there with things we all have to go through from this earth being an imperfect place, but when your support lies in your spirituality you will experience the incredible.

I Am Sending Out Blessings And Inspiration🕊🌷🕊

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