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I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself!

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Recently Received This Message In My Email. And While I Totally Agree With This Person About The Harmful Effects Of Black Magic And Governments And Evil Demonic Individuals That Endeavor To Enslave People Through Witchcraft On Many Levels I Definitely Do Not At All Agree  About The Views When It Comes To “God”.

I Am A Real Person. As Real As They Come. I Will Be Thirty-Seven Years Old In May And Was Not Born Yesterday. God Is Not The Only “So called” Way To Conquer Black Magic. Every One Has Their Own Spiritual Beliefs Which Definitely Do Not Work For Every Individual.

I Am Familiar With The Novena To The Holy Spirit And Just Like The Bible It Turns Me Off. My First Encounter With The “Holy Bible” Was During Childhood And I Didn’t At All Like Or Agree With Much Of What I Read And As I Grew Older During The Years I Continuously Came To See How Right And Justified I Was In My Interpretations.

God Is A Master Manipulator As Well As Demonic Himself. His “So called” Supernatural Effects Are Also A Form Of Magic (Voodoo). So Many, And I Mean A Great Deal Of The World Are Blinded And Brainwashed When It Comes To This Very Negative Force That Is Considered The “Almighty”.

I Will Readily Admit That God In His Spirit Has Communicated With Me Within My Lifetime, Appearing As A Means Of Help. Some Years Ago His Spirit Came And Spoke To Me Through My Empathic Abilities And Thoughts To Impart That “To Come To Him And That He Was My Source Of Protection”. I Refused To Go To Him. Me Personally Knowing His Track Record And Because I Am Not Gullible Or Easily Influenced, Or Desperate For That Matter. And I Absolutely Made The Right Decision.

I In No Way Am Here To Change Or Discourage Anyone Who Serves Or Truly Believes In His Doctrine. I Could Care Less What Anyone Believes In Or Follows As It Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Me. I Am A Writer Who Connects With The Universe And Share My Experiences And Truths The Way That I Know It To Be. I Do, However, Have A Serious Problem With Those Who May Try To Change Or Discourage My Beliefs And What I Know To Be Definite Truth.

There Is Negativity And Positivity All Over The World. Even In The Spirit World. And That Is Just The Way That Life Is Right Now. All Voodoo Is Not Bad Or Harmful. I Conquered Black Magic Through White Magic( A Genuine Form Of A “Holy Spirit”) And It Saved My Life In Many Aspects. Even When I Wasn’t Doing It ( The Supernatural Has A Way Of Working On It’s Own To Nurture And Protect What It Holds Dear). Voodoo And Orisha Ancestor Worship Is My Nature And Has Been Nothing But Soothing And Beneficial To Me And My Life.

I’ve Experienced So Much In My Life From A Very Early Age Up Until Now And Know Very Much Of What I Speak Of. Unlike Many Who Serve God, I Have Never Ever Experimented With Or Been On Drugs-Never Had The Desire To. I Have Never Been Promiscuous Or Lustful-Never Had The Desire To. My Nature Gives Me So Much Love And Respect, Something “God” Never Gave To Me.  And It Shouldn’t Always Be About What A Person Has Or Has Not Done But Why. What Was The Reason For Their Actions.

I Have Never Indulged In The Many Negative Things Of This World, I Never Desired To. And Not Because I Am A Good Person Or Because I Am A Bad Person, But Because I Am My Own Person Who Is Not Influenced By Anything That Is Not Of Me.

I Could Sit Here For Hours Debating My Notions And Experiences And Reasons What I Feel About God To Anyone Who’d Question Me, Nevertheless, I Wouldn’t Waste My Precious Time.

There Is A Reason Many In Particular Can’t, Won’t And Never Will See Him For The Kind Of Spirit That He Really Is. And Then There Are Those Who Do Truly Recognize Him And Serve Him Because They Are Truly Of Him.

I Thank My Lucky Stars For Who I Am And For What I Have Centered Around Me. And When Those Who Come Around Trying To Recriut Me In All Kinds Of Underhanded Ways I Will Always Escape My True “Enemy”.

Now I Believe This Person Who Contacted Me Meant Well And I Appreciate Their Kindness. For The Record Though, I Have And Never Had No True Connection With God, He And I Do Not Mix. He Is Not My Idea Of Anything Truly Good And I Will Not Go Any Further.

Now As Far As This Person Asking Me Not To “Blaspheme” God. For Me It Comes Very Easily And I Will Never Apologize For The Way That I Believe And Feel And Here Are A Few Examples From A Few Of My Posts:

This Is Part Of A Comment That I Left For Someone On My As An Asexual Person I’m Sharing My Personal Feelings- june 20, 2009-

I don’t want to hear anything about what the bible says about not trusting in my own judgement of things due to the fact that we as humans are suppose to be incapable of understanding God’s plan and that he knows best for us better than we do for ourselves. I don’t agree with everything in the bible. And i don’t fear the God of the bible because he does nothing for me ( meaning that his scripture stimulates me in no way whatsoever! ), he turns me off. I am very happy in my life. As a child i always knew that God was no good for many in depth reasons that i will not go into and i don’t care what anybody thinks or has to say about it. Don’t take my comment as being angry, i’m feeling no contempt. Just letting you know that i have a mind of my own and will live my life the way that i want to under my own terms and through the guidance of my ancestors and Orisha. And i really don’t care what the bible has to say about serving anything other than him which he claims would be from the devil. I guarantee from experience Elegba is not the devil and if he turned out to be he’s done a hell of a lot more good for me than that sicko in the bible who created everybody.

My Confessions Post- january 28,2012-october4,2006-

Everyone Makes Mistakes And Indeed This Was A Big One! Everything In My Post Is The Truth Except For What I Mentioned About God.

I Wrote This Post About Fives Years Ago And Now I Can Come Out With The Total Truth That I Could Not Say At The Time. I Don’t Really Feel That I Did Anything Wrong. I Don’t Really Believe That The Only True Protection Comes From The God Of The Bible.

My Actions Did Not Cause Me To Be Open For Any Attack Because I Don’t Believe In Or Follow That God Of The Bible’s Sick Will Especially That Garbage About A Man And A Woman Becoming One Flesh. I Will Always Be Whole And Complete And No One Flesh With Nobody.

I Truly Feel That God Was Responsible For Allowing Those Sick Witchcraft Experiences Because I Never Cared For Him And Belonged To Him, And I Thank My Lucky Stars Because I Don’t Ever Want To Be One Of His Children.

I Have True Supervision And Protection From My Ancestors And Orishas Like I Had All Through Out My Life I Just Had To Get Reconnected And Reacquainted Since I Was Attacked By Witchcraft At Such An Early Age ( Ever Since I Was Seven ).

Even Though I Didn’t Truly From My Heart Mean What I Said In This Post Regarding “God” I Really Regret Having Done So Because I Would Never Intentionally Want To Give Him Any Type Of Glory Or Justification Whatsoever!

And I Know Damn Well That My Beautiful Soul Will Never Enter A Place Of Hell . “I’ve Seen Where I’m Going” God Of The Bible Has No Claims Over Me. He Does Not Apply To Me Or My Life. And I Am So Glad That I Am At A  Place In My Life Where I Can Acknowledge It And Back It Up Fiercely. And I Don’t Give A Damn What Anyone Who Is Blinded By Him Has To Say About It!

This Is What I Received In My Email Yesterday-

Submitted Information:

Caring Person

“I Removed This Person’s Email Address For Their Privacy”

Dear La Toya,
I have taken a look at your website, and whereas you are creative, or an artist
poet, with talent, you are most definately
courting demon activity.
In viewing your article about Voodoo,
I thought you were concerned about how horrible and deadly it is to the body, mind, and soul. Death to the soul is eternal. The symptoms to the private parts,
is just as abusive as rape, and molestation.
Governments, and possessed persons, trying to enslave people, and kill their souls, are performing this witchcraft to destroy devout people, and too liberal people.
Here’s what works to rid it. No one in their right mind would want it. The Holy Spirit is the only conqueror of Demons. Find a copy of The Novena to The Holy Spirit, and you pray that Novena, everyday.
Recommend it to everyone.
Obtain confession for all sins, attend Divine Mercy Sunday, remain faithful to the 10 commandements, and read the Bible, everyday. The Word of God is also infused with The Holy Spirit, and you will see why
witchcraft is spreading, today. Look in Revelation, and other related scriptures.
It isn’t spreading to become popular, and create healing, or spirituality. It is spreading to kill souls, because that is what Satan (The Dragon)is doing now!
Don’t mess with it, and please use your website to help others get rid of it, and not blaspheme God.

I’ll be praying for you all.

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