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I Am a Screen-time Hypocrite

By Newsanchormom

I am a Screen-time Hypocrite
Um, I admit the television is on way too often at my house. I feel like I am constantly turning it off-only to find someone has turned it back on within minutes. And when I am relaxing, it's not uncommon for the television to be on while I type on the computer. If I get a text while I am doing that, I sometimes respond to that as well. So I certainly don't think these kids are "so bad." On a positive note, they are learning how to multi-task!
FROM NBC:Cutting down on your kids' screen time may be more complicated than simply turning off the T.V.
Researchers in the UK questioned 10- and 11-year-olds -- who overwhelmingly said they often used multiple electronic devices at once -- watching t-v and chatting online while texting their friends during commercials, for example.
Television programs were often used as background entertainment when the family was engaged in an activity, like eating dinner.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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