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Hydro Flask is the Best Water Bottle I’ve Ever Had

By Kathleen O'Malley @frugalportland


Next up on our “let’s spend our money consciously on things we care about” list is the world’s most perfect water bottle.

Have you heard of Hydro Flask? It’s so great. (That’s an affiliate link, so if you buy yourself one, you’ll be supporting my business — thank you!)

I would buy one for everyone I know, except who buys water bottles for other people?

Pssssht. I did. I bought one for Brent, and he was… how shall I say… not all that impressed.

Double Walled Stainless Steel Amazingness

“Look! My water bottle still has ice in it after a whole day!” I exclaimed.

“Congratulations,” he deadpanned. “Now you understand insulation.”

Then, we went to Austin (which was a lovely place, filled with lovely people, most especially my friends). I insisted we bring the new fancy water bottles, even though when we left Portland the water was scary and dangerous and needed to be boiled so we weren’t allowed to fill them up at the airport.

Every morning while we were there, I stole water out of my friend’s Brita pitcher. I filled it back up, of course, but I always got the coldest water of the morning. Then, I put the bottles in my messenger bag, and we’d go off on our Austin adventures.

Our friends showed us a lot of what Austin has to offer. From parks to food trucks, from barbecue places to swimming in the creek (they haven’t lived there long enough to call it a crick yet, but they may someday!) to everything in between, we had a fun-filled (packed!) weekend.

And dang if the water didn’t stay cold! The entire time! The bag was left in the hot car when we went swimming, and the water inside the water bottles still tasted like it had come fresh out of the pitcher.

They come in a bajillion colors. I bought ours from a distillery (of all places to buy a water bottle — maybe they were hoping we’d fill it with 18 ounces of gin?) so they have a logo etched on them, but they were also significantly more expensive than the ones listed here.

Buy a Hydro Flask For:

  • Your dad, for Father’s Day
  • Your mom
  • Your sister
  • MY sister
  • Anyone who should be hydrating more than they already do
  • People who mix cocktails inside a water bottle to take to a park (those sneaky boys and girls!)
  • My friends in Austin
  • People who end up buying bottles of water when they’re out because that’s the only option that doesn’t suck
  • Anyone who likes a cool drink on a hot day
  • Those who like fun (I’m looking at you, Brittany)

Things Not to do With a Hydro Flask:

Contrary to what the label says, do not put hot beverages in this unless you’re transporting the hot beverage to a new location (one with coffee cups). It does its job too well, so if you pour coffee into it then try to take your dog Stanley on a morning walk a) he’ll pull you, and b) you’ll be carrying around coffee you can’t drink.

Okay, that’s quite enough nerding out over a water bottle. Even for me.

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