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Hurricane Sandy

By Pearlmacek

Hurricane Sandy hit us on Tuesday. Here in Cape Cod, things were pretty mild. I have seen worse and it certainly was nothing in comparison to the damage done both in New York and New Jersey. Hurricanes certainly have a way of reminding us just how very insignificant we are.

As the wind gusted through the harbor, I couldn’t help but feel a tingle of excitement. Just being outside for five minutes could prove to be dangerous or in fact, lethal, if chance should let it.

After the hurricane, I know this is horrible, but I felt somewhat let down that there was not more to it. I am thankful though that relatively little damage was done to the are. Yes, roads are damaged and will need to be repaired soon, but no one was seriously injured, no buildings were seriously damaged. What we did receive, however, was a little reminder of just how powerful Mother Nature is and just how small even a city like New York can be when she decides to show us what she is made of.

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