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Hurricane Insurance Billboards Get Blown Away

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Thehangline

Impaled Hurricane Insurance BillboardInsurance companies are known for slapping a photo of someone you don’t recognize and a cheesy tagline on their billboards then calling it a day. Usually there is little room for art direction. This job was different. The long-term client (a small insurance company with a small budget) noticed some great out-of-home creative around Brownsville, TX and asked his creative director at Lamar, “Why can’t I get cool stuff like that on the 8-sheets  I’m on?”

After convincing his boss that it was a good idea to destroy their property, creative director AJ Ferrara and his operations crew blow-torched, sawed, hacked, twisted, stabbed and bent some old faces they had in the back. The results, immediate buzz! So much so that city officials called to tell them to fix their broken billboards.

The designs themselves are nothing special in nature, no crazy Photoshop work, just info laid out. With that said, I feel it only adds to the unexpected wind damage making it that much more believable. Every business, no matter what size, deserves great advertising creative. This campaign just proves that a small budget and creativity will always trump a big budget and mediocrity.

Category 2 Damage Hurricane Insurance Board

Impaled Hurricane Billboard second side view

Palm Tree Hurricane Billboard

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