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Hungarian Politics: Bitter Battle Ahead

By Stizzard
Hungarian politics: Bitter battle ahead Bajnai has enough of Orbanland

“THE next election campaign will be brutal,” said Ferenc Gyurcsany, a former prime minister, in a recent interview with Der Standard, an Austrian daily. According to Mr Gyurcsany, who leads the Democratic Coalition, a small centre-left party, the campaign is not about taxes, health care or any other public policy. It is about one simple question: “With him or without him?”The man in question is Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, who has dominated politics more than anybody since Janos Kadar, who led the country for 32 years before the collapse of communism. After eight years of left-wing government, Mr Orban won a landslide victory in 2010 that gave him a two-thirds majority in parliament. He has since reformed the country with missionary zeal, and has written a controversial new constitution that came into force in January 2012. Many of Mr Orban’s changes had a dual purpose: expunging the communist past and consolidating power for his right-wing Fidesz party economically as well as politically.Does the left have a realistic chance of regaining power from Mr Orban, who was…

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