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Humanity Is At A Crossroads: Destruction Or Rebirth

Posted on the 11 December 2011 by Devondb @ddbthewriter
Currently humanity finds itself at a crossroads in history. The current global economic, political, and social situation is under strain and a battle is taking place between the masses and the elite who control society.  Humanity now as a whole has a choice to make: We can either create a future that does away with the old order and establishes an environment in which we can survive and prosper or we can keep the status quo which will lead to our destruction.
Economically, the eurozone crisis is threatening to derail the global economic recovery. Due to the fiscal problems in Europe, the Eurozone may very well collapse or stay intact, yet result in even further economic centralization, thus bringing the world closer to a United States of Europe, that some are calling for, which threatens the economic and political sovereignty of all Eurozone nations. In addition to this there is the ongoing, yet unmentioned threat of the Western debt crisis in which the US and Europe have crushing, unpayable debts. The US is now over $15 trillion in debt and the current austerity measures that are being thrust upon the populaces of both America and Europe are only going to damage the economy in the short-term as the measures lower income, thus lowering the amount of money people can put into the economy. Austerity measures also hurt long-term as they make long-term unemployment worse. Thus, we are only going to see the situation get worse in the Western world and due to the fact that the world's financial markets, Wall Street and London, are based in the West, any negative economic activity that effects the West will effect the world at large.
Socially, there is massive societal unrest in Europe as a new general strike occurs in Greece and Britain. In the United States, the Occupy movement took place and even though it has been broken up, it is still around and evolving as they move to aid those families who have had their homes foreclosed on them. While these movements are encouraging, they have all revealed police brutality in so-called democratic countries, where people are being sent the message that if they do not accept the destruction of their futures and decide to make an attempt to resist, they will be brutally crushed.
Politically, the situation is getting worse and worse as the US-NATO-Israeli alliance uses the recent IAEA report on Iran to beat the drums of war, even though the report leaves the world where it has been since 2002, "with lots of belligerent talk but with no definitive evidence of a nuclear-weapons program." Yet, the US and Israel are still arguing for war with Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich agreeing that military action should be taken against Iran. The President as well stated that the US was "'not taking any options off the table'" and that if Iran obtained nuclear weapons "'would pose a threat not only to the region but also the United States.'" The West seems to be determined to intervene in Iran sometime in the future which is quite dangerous as it could easily lead to a World War 3 scenario. However, things are not only occurring in Central Asia, but in the greater Asian region as the US is provoking China and Russia, potentially leading to conflict with the two powers.
All around the world the elite are having serious difficulties maintaining their control as a global rebellion takes place by the masses that argues for a new order in which human rights, national sovereignty, economic prosperity, and environmental protection are a must.  The current order is degrading the environment, causing global economic downturns, and perpetuating a system of war, neo-colonialism, and neo-imperialism that threatens the destruction of the entire planet. At this moment people around the world now have a choice: to either fight for the new order and create a new peaceful and prosperous world or continue with the current order which may very well seal our fate and either lead to World War 3 or create a world of neofeudalism.
Let's pray we make the right choice.

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