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Human By Nature: Visiting Kerala in India

By Aswesawit @aswesawit

If you haven't yet heard of Kerala, India, you're about to be inspired. This stunningly beautiful place has captured many a traveler's heart. With its mesmerizing natural landscapes, welcoming people, and relaxed way of life, it's easy to fall in love with Kerala.

India travel is known for being inspirational, but Kerala offers something special. This place, known by many as God's Own Country, embodies a 'Human By Nature' way of life. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous place and why so many people are making it their next vacation spot.

Why is Kerala known as God's Own Country?

Answers to this question range from Hindu mythology to pointing out the rich natural landscapes. As well as the way that so many diverse religions and cultures can live together in peace.

Kerala tourism ad

From discussions with travelers visiting Kerala, came an idea for the Human by Nature campaign. The movement highlights the 'humanscape' of the state, an aspect that is noticed by almost all who visit this heavenly destination.

This idea led to Kerala tourism ads that used real-life stories and casts to showcase the way of life in this naturally abundant state.

Kerala Tourism contacted us and asked us if we'd like to participate, because they know that we travel for heritage, culture and food. This Kerala tourism video was all we needed to say, "Yes!"

Visiting Kerala - what to expect

If you want to experience the essence behind 'Human by Nature', Kerala is the place to visit.

A fascinating land of beaches, backwaters, and canals, enhanced by the charming local people makes Kerala a sought-after destination to all wise travelers. People come from all over the world to enjoy a vacation away from the modern, industrialized life we've become accustomed to.

Kerala is ideal to visit during November up to March and offers a true break from the busy lives we've created for ourselves. There are also plenty of festivals to enjoy throughout the year, Onam is a harvest festival and the state festival of Kerala, as is the Kerala Boat Festival.

How to get to Kerala

Kerala is easy to get to, with several options available to travelers.

The quickest way to get to Kerala would be by flight. Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi both have international airports, which makes entry into the state easy if you're coming from abroad.

There are also trains available from the major cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The train is slower, but you can see much more of the countryside as you sit back and relax during your trip.

If you're visiting other parts of India, accessing Kerala by road is possible as well. Although the drive from Mumbai is over 20 hours, so this is a better option if you plan on a slow road trip.

Where to stay

If you choose to stay in the city, Kochi has amazing architecture, markets, and stunning churches to view.

The countryside, though, is where you'll find the well-known backwaters and enjoy a real sense of Kerala culture. Alappuzha is a popular town to visit, especially for its snake boat races every August.

Accommodation ranges from houseboats to homestays, and there are hotels and guesthouses available in almost every town and city.

The backwaters

The backwaters are a major source of life in Kerala, with many homes being built right on the edge of the water. This network of lakes and lagoons stretches over more than 900 miles through the inland of Kerala.

Kerala's backwaters are still used as many of the locals' main way of transport, with tiny wooden boats carrying passengers from one side to the next. You'll also see families using these backwaters just as they have for centuries.

Visitors can take a ride in one of the houseboats (also known as kettuvallams) and enjoy a slow trip down the lagoons and canals, stopping at the many villages along the way.

Nature in Kerala

Kerala is fortunate enough to be home to a diverse range of natural landscapes.

There's an abundance of untouched earth to enjoy. From the backwater canals surrounded by lagoons to the wide-open tea plantation mountains. The long stretches of palm-lined beaches offer even more natural beauty.

There is also a spectacular collection of wildlife, from elephants to tigers, the sanctuaries and reserves offer ample opportunity to encounter the animals of Kerala.

There are six Kerala nature parks and 14 wildlife sanctuaries to visit while you are there.

People of Kerala

One of the most remarkable things that visitors notice about the amazing people is their friendliness. You find smiles around every corner, and strangers become friends in a matter of minutes. Keralites, as the locals are known, live simple yet enriched lives.

The people's beliefs are as diverse as the landscape, with Christians making up ±20% of the population and Muslims being another ±25%. Hindus are the largest group, consisting of more than 50% of the population. This adds a unified sense of community to the already-friendly location.

The mother tongue of the people in Kerala is Malayalam, but most children are taught English in schools. Tamil is another language spoken by many Keralites.

Kerala way of life

Life in Kerala is slow and more deliberate than that of the bigger cities in India. You'll find people to be more in touch with their surroundings, and enjoying more of the simple things in life.

Kerala was one of the first states in India to have total literacy. They also have free and compulsory education for all children up to the age of 14, making them the only Indian state where more than 90% of their people are able to read and write.

The food is amazing, with traditional Indian cuisine made with local ingredients and served with a smile. The spices, freshly grown vegetables, and lovingly cooked meats make for a mouthwatering experience.

Experience Kerala: 'Human by Nature'

Kerala is a brilliant place to visit. Whether you're a budget backpacker or on a family getaway, this destination is sure to enchant you.

Take some time to enjoy the slower side of travel and embrace the simple life of the Keralites on your next trip to India. We can guarantee you'll feel the tranquility of the backwaters combined with the warm welcome of the locals.

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