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Huma and Anthony- Strange Bedfellows

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

First the sexting scandal that led to his resignation from Congress. Then, sexting again before his failed bid for mayor of New York- now his comments in an interview with Playboy. What does Huma see in him?

Weiner admits that his wife has struggled with their marriage in light of his behavior and public humiliation. First, she had to work through forgiveness and acceptance after he was caught sending “private anatomy” pictures to women (strangers) online. She says that after much counseling, she did forgive him and they moved on- all the way to being parents of a little girl and Weiner making a run at the mayoral job in NY. Then it came out that he was sending those pictures again for at least a year after he resigned his seat in Congress and before running for mayor. According to Weiner, losing his seat was just too hard- so he decided to reinvent himself as “Carlos Danger” and live through his fantasy avatar until he figured it all out.

Carlos, I mean Anthony, admits that the scandal, his resignation from Congress, news that he had been at it again- and his run for mayor all took a toll on his wife. As Weiner sated in his Playboy interview “I duck it as best I can, but her reputation has become the woman who married an idiot and stuck with him.” It probably all depends on how one defines “ducking.” Weiner shared regrets that the press has been so hard on his wife and that she doesn’t deserve it, he does. Note to Anthony- keep your mouth and your fly zipped and Huma may have a chance to find some privacy and peace.

As virtually everyone knows, Huma is a close Hillary Clinton insider- like a member of their family. She is a very bright, talented and accomplished woman in her own right. It seems the press and public have been hard on her because they think she should know better. Apparently, they know little about the affairs of the heart. Whatever ties these two together has nothing to do with intelligence and common sense. It is interesting that Huma has been targeted so much- as though someone like her deserves what she gets. If this is true an awful lot of bright, wonderful women would fall into that category, but don’t. They are usually portrayed as victims- so why not Huma? Maybe she looks too put together, backs him too strongly- or has a capacity for and tolerance that goes beyond what any woman could stand- and this makes folks suspicious of her motives. It’s time the press and especially other women back off and give this woman a break. Isn’t it possible she wants to hold her marriage together because she loves him and is concerned for their child? It’s a very old reason and one many women can relate to.

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