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Hug Someone You Love and Make a Difference

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
These are some great suggestions from Jan who writes the blog www.lostandfoundrebuilding.comPlease make sure you do them all.1.  Hug someone you love.Time has a way of moving by quickly before we realize our days together have gone.Take a moment (or several) today to let your family and friends know you care.Hugs may make some people uncomfortable, but try hugging someone you love.Do it now.  You will be happy to have this lasting memory, and a simple hugmay change someone’s life.2.  Love someone you can’t hug.If distance separates you, let a loved one know you keep him or her in your thoughts.It takes little time and money to send a card, compose an email, pick up the telephone.Are there people in your life who mean a lot but can’t really hug?  That’s okay.Think of another way to connect.  Keep thinking until you find just the right ideato let that friend, mentor, and employer know your life is better because of them.3.  Ask yourself what your strengths are.Each of us has different talents.  No one is completely without the strength to makethe world better.  Make a list of specific things you can do well.  Are you a good listener?Can you make things?  Do you mind taking time to help a friend or even a stranger?4.  Find out who needs help around you.How can you match up what you can do (or what you would like to try) with what othersneed?  Can you make your community better?  Look for individuals who need help, likethe elderly widow who can’t afford to hire someone trim her lawn.  Do you know a youngparent who might benefit from a ride to work or an afternoon of free babysitting?  Donatefood or school supplies. The list goes on.5.  Make a difference – volunteer. Consider working with a group.  From nonprofit organizations to civic groups, there are alwayspeople who want help.  Look at the list you made to match your talents with particular needs.Do you like being around animals?  Contact your local animal shelter or rescue agency and askif you can walk dogs or clean cages a couple of hours a week.  Whatever you choose, you are theone who will gain the most by your efforts to make the world just a little bit better.If you would like to contribute your own suggestions then please do so. Simply e-mail them at [email protected] thanks for reading.David

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