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H.P.B., the White Lotus

By Luphil

Over the last years I have repeatedly blogged about the 8th of May, celebrated as the White Lotus Day in remembrance of Helena P. Blavastky (8 May 1891), the great light bearer. As a little commemoration, also in this year, I give here a few extracts on H.P.B., as she was called, and on the meaning of the White Lotus.

HPB – The White Lotus, from: K. Parvathi Kumar: “The Golden Stairs“:
“Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is as tender as a freshly unfolded white lotus. The tenderness of her being cannot be expressed in any language. In her case incompatibles have become compatibles. She is as fiery as she is tender. Her being is essentially and naturally tender and extremely motherly. But at work she is an embodiment of fiery Will. She was the chosen darling of the Hierarchy to inaugurate an era of enlightenment. She did her job ruthlessly, dedicating her life to the noble work of the Hierarchy. She has broken many distorted and crystallized concepts of TRUTH. She synthesized the universal wisdom; she presented afresh Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, which are the world scriptures for posterity. She explained dexterously the story of man on earth. Through the key of Manvantara cycles and races she reintroduced the most ancient wisdom relating to globe chains, the seven rays and their universal application. She skilfully utilised the keys of astrology, etymology and cycles of time to unlock wisdom from the most ancient manuscripts of cave temples that exist in the Himalayas. She was as much in the subtle as she was on the physical and was therefore able to grasp the truth in its variety of dimensions. She was a fully inspired lady who inspired many through looks, through speeches and through mere presence. She was even seen as a reincarnation of Buddha in places like Sri Lanka.
She is regarded as the white lotus that unfolds afresh the beauty and fragrance of new age wisdom. She is respected as Upasika, the one who is in connection with the ruling light of the planet, which is said to be mysteriously posited in the subterranean regions of Gobi desert of Mongolia.
Inspired by her teachings ever since, thousands of groups sprang up in all the four corners of the globe, trying to find the way afresh with the help of knowledge that she unfolded for the forward march of the present humanity. Any praise or appreciation of her work would be inadequate. This teaching is offered at the lotus feet of Madam Blavatsky, who continues to be an inspiration in the heart of numerous beings all over the planet. The Madam stood by the Golden Stairs and her life is a demonstration of the Golden Stairs.
The image on the cover page is an effort to present the most beautiful and fragrant energy of the Madam with the white lotus and her countenance of effulgence. May her looks fix the aspirant forever to the path of truth!”


From the cover of the book “The Golden Stairs” (c)

An extract from the book “A Short History of The Theosophical Society“, by Josephine Ransom (Adyar 1938) about the relation between H.P.B. and her partner H.S. Olcott, after her departure:
“The President (Olcott) admitted that on this tour he missed H. P. B. He remembered how they had been together and had shared their first Indian experiences, and dreamed “dreams the revival of Eastern learning and religion.” They had borne so much together, and had faced and overcome so many trials. Though in his Old Diary Leaves the President says those things of H. P. B. which he hoped would prevent any tendency to set her up as infallible, yet he cherished for her a great friendship. He often disagreed with her, and she with him. Those who knew them both intimately have left on record their admiration for his patient and uncomplaining endurance of her worst and most volcanic outbursts. He knew how much she had done for him, and that he and others had learnt everything from her to begin with. Because she unlocked doors to great knowledge he often called her ” Latchkey ” in the earlier years.”

Text pieces on the symbolism of the White Lotus from “The Lotus Fire“, by George Arundale:
“As you concentrate on this Lotus symbol, growing from the soil of experience, ascending to its flower, imagine yourself as a great White Lotus with petal-powers extending in all directions. Already the seed is in you, the bud is slowly opening, and you are beginning the Flower, the dream that God has wrought….
We are told that the myriad-petalled white Lotus is perhaps the supreme manifestation of perfected Life. It is the Form of all forms, the Fire of all flames, the Infinite Theme containing within itself all themes of all universes and worlds. Hence its overt relation to some of Those who ‘know the Lotus.’…”


H.P.B., together with the Master KH, M and CSG., painted on 26 March 2010

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