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How Your Premium Domain Might Be Sold By Godaddy As People Try To Pregister A New gTLD

Posted on the 08 November 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

With Godaddy taking paid preregistrations on four new gTLD’s today, .Luxury, .Build, .Menu and .Uno, your chances of selling your premium domain name may increase if its listed in Godaddy resale channel.

As people search to preregister a new gTLD domain,  if that domain isn’t available because its  already preregistered or reserved by the registry (Godaddy doesn’t distinguish) they are showing alternative domain names and all of the alternatives as of now, are either unregistered .org .net .xxx .com and .co domains or premium domains that are for sale.

Here is what I got when I tried to preregister

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.24.06 AM


As you can see (you can click on the above to enlarge), the search results for come back to say  the domain name is taken, (probably reserved by the registry) the alternative domains suggested an alternatives are not other new gTLD’s or versions of .Luxury, which is what I would have expected to see, but instead available .org, .net and even a .xxx domain along with two premium owned domains in this case a .com and .net domain.

The premium .com and .net domain suggested as alternatives to are premium owned domains, which says $3,688 First year price, Renewal price $14.99 and for $767.oo First year Price with a Renewal price of $16.99

The price of $3,688 for the .com doesn’t seem so high when a .luxury pre-registration is priced at $1,199 on a priory basis and $799 on a regular basis which are both more than the premium owned .net domain.

The premium priced domains are not showing as an aftermarket domain but just as another domain with a different price which might also help sales of premium domains.

So if you have your premium domains listed at Godaddy your chances for selling your domain may go up as people start looking to preregister a new gTLD


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