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How Weed Legalization Are Making The World A Better Place

Posted on the 27 October 2016 by Og_vapor
How Weed Legalization Are Making The World A Better Place

Many of us support weed legalization. But are there any negativities? Can we say for sure that by supporting this cause we are doing the world a favor?

We must approach this problem from many different aspects. Not just from one standpoint. Maybe you are user and by default you are a supporter. But also we must hear the other side.

Do answer this question we need to take into account economic part of this game. We can witness that over the years global support has shifted towards the positive side.

This is done by extensive research in the medicine field. We can say that there is no serious addiction from weed. And that symptom is mostly mild.

Every day scientists are confirming positive effects of taking weed. For cancer patients and for many others weed is a plant of salvation. How are we to denied access to the cure for this patients?

Also, how are we to judge? If someone is enjoying himself why are we against that? Can we honestly say that weed is bad for your health? Maybe we can.

Let's see. If you are using very heavily and for long periods of time, it can be damaging to your health. Another great option is to use vaporizers for weed.

Yes, technology is on the supportive side. There is actually no real issue. It is just a matter of time.

Economic aspect of weed legalization

Now, let's talk little about money. It is a very important aspect of the weed legalization process. If you analyze for example that Netherlands cannabis cafes are making more than 3.2 billion dollars a year. You can see that Netherland government is taking 600 million on taxes.

They invest this money in the local community. In schools or any other area. This is not all. What about tourism. Can you imagine how much they are earning?

This means more jobs and more security. Also, this is a current situation where weed is decriminalized. In Colorado and California.

In California, we can see that crime associated with weed are drastically down. We also can see that clients that are buying weed from legal stores are middle class.

In Europe, Portugal reduced possession of different kind of drugs. They are experiencing 90% decline in drug-related crimes.

How legalization affects organized crime

This is another blow to disbelievers in weed legalization. What is a point in illegal trade when something is already legal?

All states that have decriminalized weed or legalize it can confirm that they are in control. They are controlling the supply chain. This is obviously right.

Medical Issue

As we said earlier there is a great benefit for many patients to get a hold of a substance. There is scientific evidence that weed can help patients with cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma. We are learning something new every day about weed.

How Weed Legalization Are Making The World A Better Place
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In many states, people can get weed on prescription. But others are not that fortunate. There are many more states that don't have weed stores for medical use.

Quick Summary

People that are against legalization are saying that this leads to a total chaos. And that we can not control an outcome. We can see based on evidence that this is not true.

We must strive to support the battle of legalization in every way we can. Stay safe and be positive.

How Weed Legalization Are Making The World A Better Place
How Weed Legalization Are Making The World A Better Place

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