How UPS, TNT and DPD Advertised for DHL. Involuntarily and Clueless

Posted on the 21 February 2014 by Inspirion @GoodMood20

Certainly we  have witnessed  different advertising wars between global brands, but this prank done by DHL could take home the price as the most cruel and ”dirty played” advertising campaign ever.

Coca Cola vs Pepsi, Samsung vs Apple, Audi vs BMW, the list goes on, but who would say that from all these companies, DHL a logistics company, would be the one to create,what is by many, the most evil advertising campaign so far. What was evil about is it that competitors were the ones who advertised for DHL.

DHL simply taped up large boxes with a temperature-sensitive foil that’s completely black when frozen, but turns clear when warmed up. Those frozen boxes were sent to difficult locations through several rival companies, causing the delivery people to struggle, while trying to move around these enormous packages, labeled ”DHL IS FASTER”.

There are some speculations that this campaign was not  created by DHL, but by some other external  agency, anyhow,we give thumbs up for who ever came up with this cheeky idea.

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