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How to Write a Novel in 2016

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

So you’re serious about writing a novel in 2016, but need a little motivation and know-how to get started. Here are some tips to help you write a novel in 2016.

Make a Commitment

Nothing will happen if you don’t commit to making it happen. And nothing will happen if you keep it to yourself. Make a commitment to write your novel in 2016, then write it down. Be as detailed as possible and share it with someone. The more people the better so when those seeds of doubt start to sprout or procrastination rears its head, you have backup from people who are committed to your goal of writing a novel in 2016.

Start Where You Are

No matter where you are in the novel writing process, start now. Don’t make excuses like “First I need to do this before I can write.” or “My kids need to be grown before I can write.” No, you need to start wherever you are in life. Maybe you have no idea about what you want to write. Start to brainstorm. Maybe you have an idea of who you’re characters are. Develop them further and think about a plot that might be perfect for your characters. Maybe you have a plot, but don’t know where to start. Just start writing. If you wait for things to be perfect, you will never write a novel in 2016. If you wait until you learn everything about writing, you’ll never write anything. Start where you are now and at the same time continue to learn about the writing process. If you’d like help getting started on your novel, or some coaching on your book idea, contact me at writerinterrupted (at) gmail (dot) com and visit my online school at

Write Anywhere 

If you’re writing a novel, chances are it’s not your full time job. You’re busy. You may have a full time job or two, maybe even a house load of kids to care for. It will be easy to find excuses not to write. However, if you look at your life, you’ll see that you do have time to write, especially if you adapt the attitude that you can write anywhere.

If writing a novel in 2016 is important to you then consider waking up early or going to bed late to write. Bring your notebook or laptop with you wherever you go so you can write at lunch or when you’re waiting in the school pick up line. I often get ideas for my novels when I’m driving home from dropping kids off from school. I think it’s because it’s the one time in the car it’s quiet and that’s when my characters start to talk to me. So instead of losing some great plot ideas and dialogue, when I’m at a stop light I speak into my phone and record my thoughts and ideas. Then when I have time to actually write, I already have a scene for my novel.

Remember to write anywhere and don’t make excuses. Even a paragraph or page a day is one more than the day before. If you keep at it, by the end of 2016 you will have a complete novel.

Don’t Write Alone

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been writing for years, you need a community of people that share your goals and will encourage you towards them. If you can’t find a community or writers group to join, search for one dependable writing partner, or consider hiring a writing coach to keep you on track. If you’d like to connect with writers online, watch me teach on Follow me so we can connect live when I’m on the air. And feel free to contact me via email.

Writing a novel in 2016 is an attainable goal. All you need is a commitment, a plan, and people that will help you spur you on to finishing your novel in 2016. Then the rest is up to you to write that novel! I know you can, and I’m rooting for you!


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