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How to Write A Blog

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

How to write a blog

Why this book?


When I first started blogging I would have been very grateful of someone telling me how to write a blog. There is already much information on the internet but what I needed was something that would tell me what to do each day. I needed a very simple guide to help me through my first week of blogging. Hence this book!

How to write a blog?


If you are new to blogging or even an experienced blogger then you will find something in this book to help you. The ‘5 day ’5 Thing’ Guide to Starting a Successful Blog’ takes a period of 5 days (Monday to Friday) and tells you 5 different things to do each day. It is recommended that you follow them precisely.

It assumes that you have no blogging knowledge (you should know how to use a computer however) and guides you from zero to blogging hero. It will guide you slowly through all you need on how to write a blog.

You will pick up tips on design, contents, commenting, building traffic, integration with social media and much more. If you follow exactly the 5 different things to do each day then you will be well on your way to having a successful blog. The 5 things guide is specifically written for wordpress blog – the blogging platform that this blog uses.

When I started the  5thingstodotoday blog I really didn’t know much about blogging at all. In this book I have summarized the most important things to do for success in an easy to read ‘5 things’ format.

If you don’t know how to write a blog now then you will know much more once once you have read this book.

My 5thingstodotoday blog receives over 4000 daily visitors and over 60,000 monthly page views. The things you will find in this book will enable you to make your blog successful. It includes many links that will help you even further.

The book costs £6.00 and can be bought through Paypal. I have used the digital download service “” to sell the book. This is a very reliable site.

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If you decide to buy this book then I hope you find it useful.

David Ridings


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