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How to Win the Gun Control Debate by Michael Moore

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Mikeb302000
How to Win the Gun Control Debate by Michael Moore
Filmmaker Michael Moore believes that if photos from December’s Newtown massacre are released, then the National Rifle Association will be finished.
While not explicitly calling for the photos to be published, Moore said on his blog Wednesday that the photos will likely be made public at one point or another. Once they do, Moore said, “it will be the day the debate on gun control will come to an end.”
“How on earth could anyone not spring into action the very next moment after seeing the bullet-riddled bodies of these little boys and girls?” Moore wrote.
The director of the pro-gun control documentary “Bowling for Columbine” compared the photo’s potential release to the Emmett Till photos in the lead-up to the civil rights movement and photographs of the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war, both of which shifted the national conversation on controversial issues.

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